20 Questions for September 20, 2018

1. Why is there a capacity on the rising junior exam?
2. Why do some janitors think they’re the secretary?
3. Why are you 30 and trying to be friends with 20-year-olds?
4.When is Grambling going to get an online system that displays students’ grades?
5. Are the RA’s really doing their jobs? Or do they just want to smoke in peace?
6. So, are y’all trying to pledge?
7. Why is Grambling hiring people that need to retire?
8. Is Grambling gone start paying their professors?
9. Did y’all get y’all refund?
10. Why do people in financial aid always drive the nicest cars?
11. Where is my money? WHERE IS MY REFUND?
12. Why are the international students taking their job so seriously?
13. Do you think messing with the Alphas will get you into another organizations?
14. Y’all ready for homecoming?
15. Why do y’all hate the freshmen so much?
16. Who saw their boyfriend on another girl’s shirt during the away game?
17. Y’all still can’t drive?
18. Why are the police ticketing people when there are no parking spots?
19. Why are police cars always in the drive thru at Ruston?
20. Is an organizational leader embezzling money?

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student submitted and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke need not read!