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Wrapup of Election Week

Students were filled with curiosity and were eager to start campaigning as the 2018-2019 semester started off with the Student Government Association (SGA) election week.

The Student Government Association started off the elections on Aug. 27, by having their annual interest meeting. Students filed to run for open positions such as Associate Justice, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, President and last, but not least, Miss Freshman. The nomination convention was held on Aug. 28 in Grambling Hall where candidates were announced for each position.  

Student Government Association Adarian Williams shared his thoughts on the SGA candidates.

“We have so many candidates who are designed to be student leaders.” Williams said.

Adrian Consonery, a political business management major from metro Atlanta, offered up his reason for running for a position.
“I’ve always wanted to be a voice and an advocate for those who probably don’t want to step out and do it,” Consonery said.

Election week kicked off Sept. 4, with a parade of all the candidates. The queen showcase provided a forum for each candidate to relay to the student body their platform and suitability for an elected position. Even though the Tigers were excited to discover all the candidates, the highlight around campus was who would join the royal court in becoming the new Miss Freshman for the 2018-2019 academic school year. There were a total of 12 candidates vying to become Miss Freshman.

Voting took place Sept. 5-7 with students being provided the opportunity to vote using their GSU email account.

Winners  were announced on Sept. 7.

The winners consist of Board of Elections Deputy Commissioner Devin Smith, Senior class president Brianna Webb, Senior Class secretary/treasurer Zaphany Banks, Junior Class Associate Justices Kelsey Woods, Channing Brown, Freshman class president Decorian Jones, Freshman Class Vice President Olivia Venn, Freshman class secretary treasurer Jamirakle Caleb, Freshman class associate justices Victoria Eggleston, Sorrhea Kay, Freshman class senators Rhyen Gilmore, and Raven Nichols.  

The excitement of announcement was the election of 2018-2019 Miss Freshman Jamiah Franklin. Franklin, a freshman from Dubach, La. majoring in social work. will be joining the royal court.

“I want to implement my platform which is mental health awareness, domestic violence awareness in the African American community,” Franklin said.
Student Government Association election week ended in a celebration featuring  a reception to welcome the new members to the family.