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SGA hosts showcase for elections

Campaign week kicked off Tuesday, Sept. 4th, with an extravagant parade featuring the World Famed Tiger Marching Band followed by the Student Government Association’s annual showcase. 

Students, campaign teams, family and friends anxiously gathered in the Black and Gold Room to be introduced to the hopeful Fall 2018 freshmen candidates. The event was held to give the candidates an opportunity to inform the student body on their specific plans they would like to implement if elected.

Since Fall is when elections begin for new freshmen, all class cabinet positions and the Miss Freshman position were available. The night began with the introduction of the freshmen class cabinet. Students ripped the runway in their best business wear ensembles up to the podium, where they introduced themselves and announced their desired position.

 Two freshmen students were running for the position of associate justice, while four senators were battling for two senator spots. One anxious freshman ran unopposed for the position of secretary-treasurer while one male and one male freshmen will battle for the title of vice president. 

The excitement in the room elevated at the arrival of the freshmen class president candidates who introduced themselves and their platforms. Four boys and one girl are vying for the president position. 

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the freshmen queen competitors vying for the spot of Miss Freshman for the 2018 -2019 school year. There was a total number of 12 candidates who ripped the runway in their most elegant, stylish, and unique daywear attire, business wear, and formal gowns. While in their daywear, the freshmen girls introduced themselves by stating their name, major, where they are form, and the position they are seeking to run for, which is Miss Freshman. The girls changed and came back out in their best business wear to answer questions presented by the SGA Election Board. 

Lastly, the hopeful girls, put on their most elegant dresses to discuss in detail their platforms. At the conclusion of the night, the contenders took a final walk in the Black and Gold showing off their beautiful smiles and glam gowns. 

Even though the Fall election is mainly for the freshmen class, other positions that may have never been filled, or were made available for the upperclassmen were also presented at the showcase. Four junior students are running for the roles of junior class associate justice, which only two will be selected to fill the positions. 

The senior class had one position available for senior class secretary and treasurer and the candidate is going unopposed. The Board of Elections also has one position available for deputy and has one contender going unopposed as well. Election week will continue until Friday, when winners will be announced late in the afternoon.