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Raw Chicken Incident goes Viral

Grambling State University offers many services to accommodate the students on campus. The Tiger Express, one of the many places on campus where students can get food and supplies they need with the use of their Tiger bucks, is located in the central part of the school. Several students have experienced unpleasant service in the Express, from serving uncooked food, to messing up orders without taking the proper steps to help the situation.

On Aug. 30, at 12:07 p.m., Parris Brown was hungry and decided to order a crispy chicken sandwich in the Express at Burger King. It was not long before she realized her food was raw and uncooked. 

“I took two or three bites into the sandwich, and that is when I noticed my food was uncooked,” said Brown, a freshman at GSU. She then spoke with a manager about the situation. 

 “I spoke with the manager, she apologized, but I said an apology was not enough.” 

Brown went further in detail in regard to the risks to her health and even her education. 

“What if I get sick and have to miss class because of their disservice to me with serving me uncooked food? I cannot afford to miss class and lose my financial aid.” 

She then asked for a phone number to some supervisor over those in the Express. The manager said she would handle the issue. 

 “How are you going to handle the issue if you don’t even know my name?” Brown then stated. She said the manager still did not ask for her information. 

Brown’s parents say they are taking further steps in contacting corporate headquarters to handle the issue. 

Brown also mentioned that this was not the first incident she had experienced while eating in the Express.

“The people who work there have bad attitudes, they’ll feed you anything,” said Brown. “I would rather just not eat there.” 

Nydeary Howard, a friend of Brown’s, has experienced inhospitable customer service in the Express as well.

“When I was ordering my food, the cashier seemed to have an understanding of what I was telling her, including everything I did not want on my order,” Howard said. “I waited 15 minutes for a Cantina Bowl and received a power burrito instead.”

When Howard told the workers that her order was wrong, the cashier told her she would have to pay extra for a Cantina Bowl. Amidst the confusion, the manager became involved but expressed no sympathy for the incorrect order. Howard said she then requested spicy ranch, and a  worker who did not take her order told Howard that she would have to pay for the extra sauce. Howard said when she expressed that her order was messed up, the worker stated, “Well, that’s on you and her.” Howard did receive the spicy ranch for free despite the confusion.

GSU has a contract with Aramark, and Karen Ashford, the general manager of Aramark on campus, said she hears student complaints, and she assures that the company will become better. 

“Within a food safety or food quality issue, we try to determine the root of the incident,” said Ashford. “We did go back and determine what procedures were followed in preparing that particular item. 

“It was an employee error, and it is my understanding that customer did receive a remake or refund. 

“Of course this time of the year it is hectic, which is no excuse,” Ashford said. “But making sure our employees are not getting frustrated because of the crowds and reminding them of what the standard is our top priority.”

Ashford explained how customers can express their dissatisfaction. “We do have a customer service platform,” she said. “Any customer that feels their concerns are not being adequately dealt with by the hourly employees should always seek out a manager. 

“A manager is always willing to resolve those issues on the spot if a customer feels that they have not been heard.” 

Although it is still the beginning of the school year, Howard stated that Krispy Krunchy and Panda Express have exceptional customer service, but Brown has made it clear that she will not be returning to the Express for food again. 

Any students experiencing poor customer service or poor food quality who feel their complaints aren’t being heard, are urged to contact President Gallot with their concerns to hold Aramark accountable.