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FSUB kicks off the year

Students gathered in the Black & Gold Room for the first Favrot Student Union Board meeting of the school year on Aug. 28.  

Students can expect to feel more involved and important this year, said LaJazz Pichon, president of FSUB, an organization that creates various activities on campus for students. 

“This year, we will be creating more diverse events and new events that students have been waiting on since before I came to Grambling,” said the 20-year-old.  

FSUB kicked off the year with the Gramfari Welcome Week. Preparation for that week was stressful for the FSUB board, one of those being Arshauna Candler, the vice president of FSUB. Nevertheless, Candler said, the week was terrific. 

“I think the week went great,” said Candler. “Of course, like anything, we can always improve. We added the concert, which was new, but I think we had a good turnout.”

Although FSUB is widely known for hosting Welcome Week, Homecoming and Tiger Fest, the organization holds several other smaller events throughout the year. 

Serenity Johnson-Buchanan, co-public & communications secretary, said there are many new ideas in store for this year. 

“There is a new board this year which entails a lot of new ideas,” said Johnson-Buchanan. “We recently had the ‘Boys, Sex, and Chocolate’ event, which had a large turnout, and that shows what we can expect for the rest of the year. FSUB is here to create events for the students, and we are excited to continue to do just that.” 

Kyra Broussard, an incoming freshman majoring in business who attended the meeting, said it made her feel even more connected to her new home.

“The rock, paper, scissors icebreaker made me feel connected with other FSUB members,” said Broussard. “I am a part of the hospitality group, and I’m excited for the year because I have many ideas to share.” 

Pichon said the organization would continue to listen to students’ voices and suggestions. “I want students to know that we are listening to them and that their voice matters,” said Pichon. 

At the FSUB general body meeting, Pichon also gave a sneak peek into what students can expect for Homecoming. 

“In the future, students will be able to vote online through their GSU email for the artist suggested … as long as the artist fits into the budget, we can negotiate with them.” 

Students can voice opinions through the suggestion box on FSUB’s Twitter page @WhatsUpwithFSUB.