My name is Casey Henry, and I am a senior majoring in marketing and computer information systems here at GSU.

I was blessed with a summer internship at Faith and Hope Behavioral Health in Monroe, La. My role there was to assist in facilitating the recruitment, intake, duration and discharge of clients that we served: including, but not limited to document preparation, database updates and compliance maintenance. 

I learned how to use their different online applications and databases, developed all my office skills, and most importantly, my interpersonal and social skills.

Working at Faith and Hope helped me understand and appreciate the value of family and education. Not only was the staff there welcoming, they assisted me while also demanding my work. 

Mental and behavioral health have both been downplayed for years, and it has only recently gained some momentum where awareness and taking action is concerned. 

I’m happy to use my ever-growing knowledge in networking, marketing and information systems to help the company produce quality service to the communities that they serve.

It was also a plus that almost all the staff at Faith and Hope’s Monroe office are alums and supporters of Grambling and her endeavors.