GSU Network: Elite Tiger Works

Students will be able to explore thousands of jobs and internships that will be available to them. They will be able to connect with employers and interact with their Career Counselors to discuss  Career Services and learn about Recruiting Events.  

How do you register?  Go to:

Click on the Student/Alumni button.  Fill in your personal information and create a password read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and check the box to agree to the terms of service before you click SUBMIT.

Next, you should see a screen asking you to confirm your registration.

To confirm your registration, click on the link that you received in your email.  Ms. Ashley Cleveland, shown above, has become our specialist for the new system.  

Why the change, according to Dr. Shelia Fobbs, Director of Career Services, this system will allow more employers access to student information. Students will be able to see more job boards and apply for many internships and scholarships. 

 The Center is able to upload professional development information that students will be able to use to prepare for career fairs and job interviews. 

Students will have a connection to all employers that are apart any school in the Handshake network.   

This generation is interested in a quick turnaround.  Therefore, Hand Shake has the information readily available for our students.