Fear and Fun All In One

Day three of Welcome Week was amusing for some and frightening for others. The Favrot Student Union Board brought a twist to the students as they presented Fear Factor and Field Day on Aug. 15 on the Quad. 

FSUB wanted to let the students experience fun of a different kind. The inspiration for the events came from the show Fear Factor and just wanting to have a good time.

“My intentions were to do something different and push the limits with Fear Factor by getting people out of their comfort zone and keeping the students engaged at large,” said LaJazz Pichon, FSUB president. 

“We [FSUB] incorporated a lot of different things during Welcome Week, and the Fear Factor field day was a huge task for us,” the junior said. “We were excited about the turnout and the results on how everything went. 

“We just hope to do it better of there is a next time with Fear Factor,” Pichon said.

In order to participate in Fear Factor, teams of four to six  had to sign up prior to the event. 

Some of the challenges included drinking a mystery shake mixed with ingredients that definitely did not go together, finding paper-clips in “snot” and, most terrifying of all, getting crickets out of a pan using only your mouth. 

Though many challenges were odd-looking and -smelling, each team pushed through to complete the event. 

“After I was done with the cricket challenge, I almost threw up,” explained junior Ken Shaw. “The smell of whatever they mixed up was terrible.” 

The winners of the event were Treani Lambert, Gregory Bell, Rontavia Hill and DonMarcquez Sanders.

Other games that took place that day included hoola-hoops, a mechanical bull, human-size Hungry Hungry Hippo, and a wrecking ball to knock your opponents off their post. 

There was also music provided, courtesy of DJ Twinz to MC and add  to the festive vibes. 

“I really enjoyed the giant Hungry Hungry Hippo game because it was fun, and it brought back childhood memories,” said senior Zakiyah Whaley.

Everyone had an opportunity to have a fun time together. 

Pichon and FSUB felt the events went well because many in attendance left with laughs and good memories. FSUB hopes they have successfully started the students’ semester off in a good direction.