Titan of boxing passes away

Homegoing for

“The G.O.A.T.”


An American sports icon has faded away-born CassiusMUHAMMAD ALI

Marcellus Clay, but globally known as the most celebrated

boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. He was praised for his

engaging spirit of being a winner at every moment of his

life.  Now that he is gone from us he will never be

forgotten, for he will forever be remembered as

”The Greatest Of All Time!”


Born Cassius Clay on January 17 in

Louisville, Kentucky.


Begins training as a boxer after his bicycle

is stolen. Over the next six years, Clay

wins six Kentucky Golden Gloves

championships, two national Golden

Gloves titles, and two AAU

(Amateur Athletic Union) crowns.


Clay wins light-heavyweight gold medal

at the Summer Olympics in Rome,

beating Poland's Zbigniew Pietrzykowski

in a 5-0 decision. In October, he wins his

first professional bout, against Tunney