The importance of Mother’s Day

Shalonda Meadows

Shalonda Meadows

Mothers day is mostly known as the day to celebrate all mothers around the world. 

This day is celebrated by every culture and every place can come together knowing full well that love is something universal. 

That is the day that I celebrate my mother in giving cards, hugs and showering her with all the love that I can show in any way possible. 

My mother and I have a very strong relationship to the point that we have become best friends over time. 

A mother should be someone you can tell anything to and she can tell you anything, well just about, but given it has not always been that way. 

There were times where she and I could not see eye to eye. We even stopped talking a few times. 

We had our moments where we were so stubborn that we could not put aside our differences and make up.

We never thought that our relationship could be fixed because of the things that we said out of anger. 

There were also times when she was giving me sound advice and words of wisdom, but I just didn’t want to listen. However, even at this very moment that I spill this to you I could not picture life without her. I now can see that it was because of those times that we are so strong. 

Of course at the time those things were happening it felt so bad and devastated, but as time moved on those wounds healed and we reconnected. 

Time has to be one of the best healing agents that you just can’t get or find in stores. It is something that comes with maturity and understanding. 

I could never devalue her in the things she has done for me alone and my other siblings. 

She did not have it easy herself, being a single parent, but she put herself on the back burner so that we, as her children, could have a life she did not. 

My mom put her needs aside so that the needs of her children could be met first. 

Those things made me over time become grateful for having her in my life. 

So when that Sunday rolls around every year for me to show her my appreciation the things of the past do not matter.

The only thing that  mattered is the truth and the future things that were birthed out of that pain we both once knew. 

Now, I know I am not the only person in the world that has had something like this happen to me, but there are others as well that share in it. 

Somewhere there is a woman who does not have children she can call her own. So she adopts, takes care of the children in her family and/or those in her surrounding area as her own.  She too is a mother. 

Those women are to be respected and given appreciation as such. 

No matter what the situation or circumstance, Mother’s Day to each person is and holds a very special importance. 

We thank all of those mothers who gave encouraging words, prayers, and those words of wisdom because without them we would not be where we are today. 

Some of us are still living off of the prayers of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers today.

Let us always be thankful for every mother on Mother’s Day. 


Shalonda Meadows is a senior  mass communication major from Monroe, Louisiana.