Mt. Zion hosts gospel workshop

The fifth Grambling Gospel Music Workshop  ended with a concert featuring “The Grambling Gospel Music Workshop Choir.” on Friday, June 3.  

The musical was held at the host church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, Grambling, Louisiana, Rev. Anthony C. Slack, pastor.   

The workshop was designed to benefit pastors, musicians, choirs and others; to bring churches together to strengthen their music ministry for effective worship and to educate the youth and young adults on the importance of keeping gospel music alive.

Presenters were Pastor Calvin B. Rhone, Ricky B. Davis, and Reverend Prentiss E. Lewis.

Opening session, Tuesday, May 31 entitled Experiencing God through the Music Ministry: From Event to Equity (Col.3:16-17, John 17:3 was conducted by Rev. Prentiss Lewis. 

Hymns, Heritage and Holiness (Col. 3:16-17, John 17:3). Reminder of the place and purpose of hymns in worship in the history of the church. Why are they still relevant not just for learning but our living?, was held by Bro. Ricky B. Davis.

The session Melodic Worship: Beyond the Sanctuary into a Strange Land (Ps. 137) was conducted by Pastor Rhone. 

The session discussed the discover that music sang in the sanctuary can be a witness in a strange land. The music can be used as a witness to a non-believing world.  

Voice instruction was handled by Rhone and  Davis.

The second day of events, The God Experience and the Choir (John 17:3, Rev. Lewis

Music Ministry That Promotes Pastoral Vision (Hab. 2:2) was instructed by Rhone.

The session was to help students become aware of the need to know the vision of the church and why everything Christians are involved in should reflect that vision, especially the music ministry. Tips was given on how this could be done. 

Davis talked from the subect, Is there still a Home for Gospel Music in the Church? (Rom. 1:16-17).

Some questions during the included Why is it important that the ask this question? Do the lyrics matter more than the beat? What exactly is Gospel music?   

Rhone and Davis talked about Edifying and Encouraging Musicians to Excellence.

The high point of the session was encouraging musicians to master their craft and surrender their hearts to God for excellent service.

There was a panel discussion. 

The third day includedGrambling Gospel Music Workshop Sessions. Vocal Interpretation by  Rev. Lewis.

There was a sit down with musicians and singers was by Rhone. Davis held an open discussion on Challenges Choirs Face.

“Many times the Sunday morning music for our churches focuses only on Sunday morning as an event. Sometimes it leads to the desire to merely stir up waters of passion and neglect principal purposes that is the glory of God,” said Rev. Lewis, founder of the workshop.

Lewis said his hope was that the worskshop would challenge ministers of music, choir directors, musicians and choir members in what they do to influence people to desire to experience God not just in the church but also in the day-to-day living.

“I truly believe that the songs of Zion should also be sung in the streets. Years ago, we heard them in fields, homes, schools, jobs, and yes, even sometimes in jail. Let’s consider that this can happen again with a music ministry that desires to be a part of sharing their ministry beyond the church walls. What is sung on Sunday can echo through the streets and the strange society in which we live. God, through lyrics and melodies, can share the tenants of our faith,” he said.