Wet and Stress Free Day

The International Student Organization (ISO) hosted Stress Free Day at the ‘Quad’ (the green, open area in front of the auditorium). The event started at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27 and ended at 6:30 p.m.

The turnout was high as students slowly trickled in the area. The water activities were being set up. Some of those who were present were prepared to be soaked to the bone with water, laughter and building friendships as they released this year’s spring semester tension. 

DAYO AWOYEMI/Courtesy photo Two Grambling students enjoy the wet fun at Stress Free Day during  the event hosted by the International Students Organization.

DAYO AWOYEMI/Courtesy photo
Two Grambling students enjoy the wet fun at Stress Free Day during  the event hosted by the International Students Organization.

The instruments of fun included water balloons, water guns, super soakers, slip and slides and hoses spewing gallons of water.

Go DJ Twin was present to crank out music that varied in intensity. He played songs from Caribbean and American hits that everyone could enjoy. The host was Shelby Prout as he stood behind the safety of the DJ booth, keeping the life in this stress free zone. 

It was an all out battle as water balloons came flying from all directions, soaring in the sky like mortars from far away and crashing into anyone who was not cautious, some being dumped with buckets of water while others were hosed down. Refreshments were served to maintain the fun energies of the event.

Several students remarked on the event such as Blake Conley, a freshman from Fort Worth, Texas studying business marketing said this, “It’s pretty cool [here].” 

“I’m having fun! I’m wet . . . having fun, ladies out, everybody out, the sun is out! It’s a good time and y’all did it,” said Brian Jefferson, a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia, studying computer information systems.

Alexis Gipson, a junior from Shreveport, Louisiana, studying social work, had this to say, “Everyone is having fun . . . Nobody causing problems and everybody’s having a fun.”

An international student Ashel Saint-Jill, a senior from Dominica majoring in biology remarked on the difference in atmosphere with previous events, “So far it’s going pretty well but it is a little different. I think people are nervous to join or whatever but it is going pretty well.”

A representative of the ISO, ‘Remie’ Augustine remarked on the event, “We as the ISO thought it would be appropriate to build stronger relations between international and Americans students.” 

She also continued on to thank those who attended and supported the event as a way of building friendship between the two. There are plans of holding the event again this coming fall semester.