The art of ‘dance’

The performance arts center is doing a series of pieces and the Orchesis are showing the art that is behind their dancing. What goes on at the football game is just a taste of the Orchesis performance and dance. 

The Orchesis dance company goes far behind the music the dance and  symbolism of art, that’s what the New Captain says “comes from the soul”. 

New Captain Aliah Hollins in her junior year, says “What I want my company to see in me is that I was always was there when they needed me, I just want to leave with them knowing that I did the best that I can do, basically”. They’ve been preparing for their show starting at 6:00 p.m. and leaving at 10:30 p.m. every day, “some of them twice some of them three times a day Says Captain Hollins ” 

Performances will be Saturday, April 30th at 7 p.m. at the Strand Theatre in downtown Shreveport. There are performances every night this week by the Orchesis, in the Floyd L. Sandel theater performing arts center with a piece by Willie Miller, A night of Dance Motivation and Inspiration.

 This guy is talented the play was a “favorite” for the leaving Captain Ja mae Griffin that Lyric Low and Hollins morally agreed on. The audience was at a standstill to each performance. 

Miller chose three out of the dancers from The Orchesis Company Aliayah Hollin, Lyric Low, Ja mae Griffin. Griffin says, “I am looking forward to seeing what Hollins is going to do next year and I know she is very capable of getting the job done and see them to go to the next level next year.”

 She is looking forward to going to the school of dance as soon as she graduates. “ All Grambling knows is what we do on the field, The Orchesis Dance Company is really preparing a dancer for more than commercial dancing after college, it prepares you for professional dance.”