St. Luke’s Canterbury holds celebration

The Canterbury Association of St. Luke's Episcopal Chapel held its culminating activity on Sunday, April 17 at 4 p.m.  Students who were recommended by their departments as potential graduates of the 2016 class at Grambling State University and the Lady Tigers Basketball team were invited. 

The guest speaker was Reverend Stavinoha Bradley, a recent gaduate and the GUNAA interm office manager.   

Rev. Bradley spoke words of encouragement to  the perspective graduates to help them understand their value as they transition into the workforce from a spiritual perspective.  

Courtesy photo
Members of St. Luke’s Chapel stand with GSU students of the Canterbury Association, the Lady Tigers Basketball team and coaches. Speaker, Stavinoha Bradley (far right) stands beside Dr. Grace Tatem.

For the students who are working and studying to eventually graduate, he stressed hard work, discipline, commitment, relationships and the importance of prioritizing their time and energy. 

He congratulated the  perspective graduates, and encouraged them to try and  make a positive difference in all their undertakings in the real world.  He reminded them that after leaving Grambling State University,  to remember that whatever they do will reflect their alma mater.

Shance Poole, a potential graduate and a Lady Tiger, received a gift card and a certificate along with 10 other potential graduates.

Coach Nadine Domond and her assistant coach, Isayra Diaz accompanied the team.

The team requested a home cooked Southern style meal for the occasion which was provided by a local business caterer.  

Team members present were Brenae Andrews, John'ea Thimpson, Takerra Parsons, Aliah Kennedy, Kiana Jones, Munisha Neal, Alexis Adams, Shakyla Hill, Jazmin Boyd, Janae Smith, Chant Lewis, Cree Atkinson, Kaelyn  Causwell, Shance Poole, Melanie Williams, Keyundra Grant, and Ashley Baker,

The coordinator of the program was Dr. Grace Tatem who was assisted by various members of St. Luke's.