‘Keanu’ the movie

The hilarious duo, Keegan-Mitchell Key and Jordan Peele are at it yet again with their new movie that will be in theaters, called, Keanu. They both agree that it is the ultimate action movie, something that would usually star DeWayne “The Rock” Johnson and Van Diesel. 

After five seasons of their Key & Peele sketches on Comedy Central, the duo set their sights on Hollywood with Keanu. The film was written by Jordan Peele himself and Alex Rubens with director Peter Atencio and distributed by Wardner Bros. 




It’s amount two nerds, Rell (Peele) who was dumped by his girlfriend and finds happiness when a kitten is found on his doorstep. After a thief steals the kitten, Rell asks his cousin, Clarence (Mitchel Key) to help find the kitten. 

“It’s no accident that a kitten would be the key piece and also there’s a certain strategy to calling the kitten Keanu because that name is iconic. So when you think of the name Keanu you’ll think of two names instead of one.”

“The most important thing for us to make sure that the material has never been seen before. We’re drawn to the topic of race, culture and masculinity” Peele stated.

The duo said that they were inspired to do any action film because it’s their favorite genre. “I don’t think there’s a comedian out there that wish they were either a musician or an action star. This movie is about wish fulfilment and obviously about saving this kitten but along the way these two characters, Clarence and Rell get to enter this high stakes world that they dream about when they watch action films.” 

“It’s very similar to Keegan and myself because we just want to be bass as*. Everybody wants to be bad as*.”

“We’ve got some ideas that are happening in the world right now and we have to deal with things like class and how people are effected by wage discrimination and there’s science-fiction stuff worth talking about, there’ so many things huddled up that we haven’t even discussed what way we want to go next.” Keegan-Michael Key stated when asked what was next for the two of them. 

“And there’s also lots of personal projects that we want to work on apart from each other as well as with each other and once Keanu comes out I think we will have a powwow on what’s next for the both.”