Gnites headed to NFL?

Grambling State’s astounding football season produced confident athletes in Johnathan Williams, Chester Rogers, Christopher Bazil, Jevonta Williams, and Larry Stalling, who are all eligible for the National Football League draft. 

Johnathan Williams is  undersized as quarterback so various positions will be open for him. He rushed for over 200  yards and threw 2,148 yards. 

Rogers played key positions in the successful season of the Tigers, and scored his most touchdowns in a season last year. There has been significant improvement in his game leading his team from sophomore year.

 Bazil, an essential tight end at GSU, is looking forward to increasing his skills. His best game was against Prairie View. 

Jevonta Williams, who plays the D-line and comes off aggressive on the line, said “I think the scouts are look for quickness and being able to adjust to the league.” 

Stalling is skilled and hard hitting, and has been playing D-Line and all over the field since his freshman year.