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HBCU and Chill with ‘The Collective’ 

The Collective, is a collaboration of 5 individual artists who “combined forces for a common factor: putting Gram on the map”, says group member Swue of Southside Chicago, Illinois. 

According to the dynamite singer, they decided to formally unite as a group on the day of the GSU Spring 2016 Talent Show tryouts. 

Courtesy Photo “The Collective” Swue, Gxldboy, JamesThe3rd, and PawPz  pose for a quick snap the night of the talent show.(Disco Diamond not pictured)

Courtesy Photo
“The Collective” Swue, Gxldboy, JamesThe3rd, and PawPz  pose for a quick snap the night of the talent show.
(Disco Diamond not pictured)

Gxldboy suggested the name “The Collective” as the official group name after the a few others options had been put in the air. After reviewing over about 5 scribbled names, Swue (pronounced Sway) says the group came to an agreement that it was the most fitting name for such a unique group of artists.

JamesThe3rd started making music with Gxldboy, Jeremy Hayward, a Southside Chicago native in the Fall of 2015. 

The two artists, who began making music for fun, linked up with PawPz aka the VoodooMan of “NuWarleans”, LA, and Disco Diamond of Dallas,Texas. 

Disco Diamond is the niece of the great Erykah Badu. The group had the honor of performing at Badu’s birthday party in Dallas this year. 

When asked about the experience the group said it was an honor to perform for her and each knew then that it was destiny for them to be here at GSU. 

“We could have been at any school in each of our own states or cities but we all decided to come to Grambling,” said JamesThe3rd.

When it comes to describing the vibe the group puts out, versatlity, positivity, and creativity come to mind.

“We make music for every age group, something everyone can relate to in all generations,” says JamesThe3rd, a native of Los Angeles, California, in the Leimert Park District, which is also the hometown of West Coast rapper Dom Kennedy.

PawPz dropped his mixtape Voodon on April 20, 2016 on Soundcloud

You can also find the other group members on Soundcloud @gxldboy, @jamesda3rd, and @swuenotswue.