Don’tcha Know ‘Fraze Siareno’

The Original Student-artist (OSA) Tiawan “ Fraze Siareno” Jenkins of Duval, Florida performed his single “S.M.O. (Shake Me Off)” with fellow artist To3tagga during the opening performance of the Springfest concert last Thursday in the Assembly center. 

His stage name comes from a time when, “everyone was into naming themselves Sinatra and at one point my name was Fraze Sinatra but I wanted to be original.” 

Courtesy Photo Tiawan “Fraze Siareno” Jenkins proves to be ‘Duvals Coolest’ with his unique sound and style.

Courtesy Photo
Tiawan “Fraze Siareno” Jenkins proves to be ‘Duvals Coolest’ with his unique sound and style.

He is a unique individual, and although he feels that everyone feels that way about themselves, he knows this to be true. 

“I really want to change the world. I’m from Jacksonville, Fl and I’m over the U.S.,” laughs the artist. 

“I have seen how music has inspired so many people. I’m a artist that tries to be diverse in my art,”  

He makes music because its his passion. Fraze recalls his mother telling him  stories about how he would sing the popular song “Waterfalls” by  90’s girl band TLC when he was around 4 or 5 years old.  

His mom said he “used to be on key” and she said that she’d support him in anything that he does, including his musical career.

Coincidentally, Fraze has been rapping since age 11. He was inspired by his uncle to believe that he could make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

His influences in music are artists such as Pleasure P, J. Cole, Logic, Dizzy Wright, and the late Prince.

Fraze will be releasing his mixtape D.I.S.H. April 22, 2016. 

D.I.S.H. stands for December is Still Hot. My birthday is in December and when you think about December you think of cold weather, but I named my mixtape D.I.S.H. because I know my unique sound is hot!”

He is also the co-owner of label Kool Pack Gang, a clothing and music label. 

He recently released videos for his hit singles, “Waterfalls” and “Dontcha know” which can be found on YouTube.

You can find his music at Soundcloud Fraze-kpg. You can also follow him on Instagram @mentally_poetic, and Twitter @duvalscoolest.