Comedians make #GramFam laugh out loud

Laughter and amusement radiated through the crowd when comedians Steve Brown, Damon Williams and Benji Brown took the stage for the Spring Fest Comedy Show that took place last Wednesday. 

Even though last week’s Spring Fest events were held in the Assembly Center instead of the auditorium, due to the flooding in March, that didn’t stop the crowd from having a wonderful time. 

 “Steve Brown doesn’t single anyone out and makes people laugh at themselves, makes them feel comfortable with themselves, and not take life so seriously. I think it is really great that he takes that into consideration and does his job so well,” said Breyana Robinson who is freshman marketing major from Lafayette Louisiana. 

A joke that the audience was applauding and laughing in agreement was, “Ladies dress for the body you got not the body you want.” 

The next performer to grace the stage was Damon Williams who is a Chicago native. Williams opened with, “I see everything in here from cookout to prom.” 

After moving on from the audience’s apparel he talked about everything from the weather in Louisiana compared to his hometown, deaf people arguing and his crazy family just to name a few. 

This class clown wasn’t always about the fun and games. He addressed how voting in election are very important and everyone needs to do so. 

“If Trump makes it to the presidency ya’ll are going to kill him. Hilary wants to be president so bad she cut her hair like Washington,” said Williams. 

He also acknowledged candidate Bernie Sanders by saying, “How are you going to sign the constitution and be president.” He concluded with leaving the audience stunned as he skated around the stage demonstrating how a special needs person roller skates. 

“I liked Damon Williams because his quotes were relatable especially when you’re falling asleep driving. Because we’ve all had those long nights,” said Miss Sophomore Noelle Barnes who is an elementary education major from San Bernardino California. 

You never know what can happen next at a comedy show. Freshman class President Steven Alexander was asked by Steve Brown to do an impromptu song and sing in front of the entire audience. He sang, “I Was Born by the River” by Sam Cooke and “Love” by Musiq Soul Child. 

Finally the moment had arrived for the headliner, Benji Brown. This versatile comedian imitates a female voice on stage, named Kiki, in addition to performing in his regular voice. “I want to break up so bad, but if I leave I’ll die; and I will surely parish,’ said Kiki.

 This was a line he repeated throughout the night, which was a crowd favorite. The story behind this joke is about Kiki being abused by her boyfriend yet she struggles to leave him. 

“ I like Benji Brown because I wish I was both handed trying to get that left eyebrow is overrated,” said Barnes. This comedian didn’t leave the crowd empty handed. He offered a piece of advice for the women in the audience. 

“The worst position a woman can be in is to depend on a man to survive. If you don’t mean her any good leave her alone,” said Brown. 

 A joke to remember was when he was talking about how everyone isn’t your friend and be careful whom you go on vacation with. He touched on how females go on vacations as friends and come back as enemies. 

“How was she the last one to pay her money but she on snap chat like she doing it,” said Kiki and the crowd went crazy. “My favorite comedian was Benji.” 

He kept the crowds attention the whole time, his jokes made sense and he was hilarious,” said Jimmitriv Roberson who is sophomore biology major from Arcadia, Louisiana.