Astrogang DeeJackson

We don’t play out here is the latest hit single of local rapper Dee Jackson. A Jonesboro, Louisiana native, Jackson knew he wanted to rap from a young age.

 Jackson is one of eight children and is father to a handsome one-year-old son named Eli. 

From a young age, Jackson knew he was going to make it in life by rapping. As a child he loved to freestyle rap in the neighborhood with his cousins.  

He is inspired by artist such as, Snoop Dog, East Coast Boys, and Lil Wayne.  

Dee Jackson released his first mix tape at the very young age of 12 entitled Report Card. Since then he has released a total of six mix tapes. 

He says his favorite thus far has to be his latest mixtape Nina, with his favorite song being “Chance”. 

Through his music he likes to tell his story, and  he wants people to be able to relate to his struggles. Jackson also says that the things going on in the world affect his music tremendously.  He wants his audience and fans to know that you can come from nothing and achieve everything you have dreamt of.  

Dee Jackson recalls where he was when he first heard one of his songs on the radio. 

He says, “It was a surreal experience, I just sat there smiling, I couldn’t believe it.” 

Jackson said he inspired by his deceased mothers and his son. They are the reason why he works so hard and does not take no for an answer. 

He knows his career is on the rise, and in the next five years you can expect to see him in living it big in Los Angeles or Miami. 

Jackson would like to eventually venture out into the movie industry. 

The young rapper says he also plans to take care of needy families and put many people in positions to win. 

As for now Dee Jackson says exclusively, “we can expect a project coming soon with rapper Mista Cain.” 

His latest mix tape Nina is available for download on ITunes.