Talent on display

It is that time of year that everyone has been anticipating at Grambling State University — Tiger Fest. This year’s theme, “Dabbin’ in the G” has been an eventful week, to say the least thus far. 

With the annual talent showcase taking place Tuesday night, the Assembly Center was filled with cheers, a few boos and some jaw-dropping moments. 

The contestants this year were each competing for a grand prize. First place along with $150 went to Daniel Jolla III. The winner of second place and $100 was Shakaiyah Patterson, and taking home third place and $50 was Steven Alexander.  

Though everyone can not be winners, the contestants put on a great show for the audience. Of course the humorous host, comedian Steve Brown, kept the show entertaining between acts. De’Angelo Minifield, who seemed to be a crowd favorite, stunned the crowd with magic. He performed a disappearing ball magic trick that left many puzzled. James Longburger, who was also a fan favorite, gave a cypher that exhilarated the crowd. 

Through the night, many undercover artists were given the opportunity to display their hidden talents. 

Donald Carral Jr., a Baton Rouge native, came and performed one of his own singles. The audience witnessed several other rap performances from other artist like Antory Cooper, Derrick Johnson, and rap group The Collective. 

There were also a few members of Lyrical Quest there to perform, including Devin Virgil, who played the guitar and sang for the crowd. Other singers included Elizabeth Eddy, Sadia Scott, and the talent show winners Steven Alexander and Shakaiyah Patterson.

Jolla, the first place winner, won the judges over with his saxophone performance. Jolla’s mash-up of “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder and “I Want to Be Your Man” by Zapp & Roger gave the audience an old school vibe. 

Audience member Heaven Jones enjoyed herself. “My favorite part about the talent show is the seeing all the school spirit. 

“It’s nice to see students participating and getting involved in campus activities. Overall, the show was very entertaining,” she said.