G-Men battle each other in Black and Gold game

This past Saturday (April 9) the G-Men showcased their skills to the Tiger fans and displaying a preview of what can be expected this fall. After some typical Grambling State University football squad practicing, the annual Black and Gold game was  intense as the G-Men played with passion and physical toughness.

“It was good to see both sides of the ball play physical. We did a lot of good things,” said head football coach Broderick Fobbs, after watching his 2016 team on the field in front of fans for the first time. “We scored some points. We did a good job getting on and off the field defensively.”

The scrimmage was played one-way with the offense taking on the defense rather than more traditional offensive and defensive players playing as two teams. With some players on the field consistently, others were substituted based on how the game was going — and what coaches wanted to see. 

The first-time spring scrimmage gave the team a chance to focus on special teams and goal line strategies.

Quarterback Charles Wright started the game and remained QB throughout most of the scrimmage. Wright has been a backup at GSU and got a lot  of snaps in the at Eddie G. Robinson Memorial Stadium.

“We are very excited about Charles. I think with him getting a lot of reps today, he was able to calm down a little bit and really feel comfortable with everything that we’re doing,” said Fobbs, assessing his quarterback’s performance. “I expect him to really push and to really play this season.”

Devonte Kincade, a  transfer QB from Ole Miss, did not play in the scrimmage. Fobbs wanted to make sure that his foot heals properly and to give him a chance this summer to really be ready to roll in August. Kincade injured his foot during the Sugar Bowl while with Ole Miss.

Third year coach Fobbs said that this team is further along at this point than they have been in the last couple of years, but the G-Men are not where they plan to be in the spring as they look ahead to the fall. “At this particular time, with 10 days in, nobody’s really where they want to be. If you are, this is the wrong time to be where you want to be,” said Fobbs. “We don’t have all of our guys here. We don’t have all of our linemen here. We don’t have all of our defensive lineman, so with that being said we will not be where we want to be at this point.”

G-Men receivers struggled to catch some easy passes throughout the game. Senior wide receiver Chad Williams looks forward to the receivers progressing and getting better.

“We have a lot of young guys at the receiving position and they’re going to have to grow up fast,” he said. “When I come in to practice I make sure I focus on details because they’re going to do whatever they see me do.”

Fobbs said he and his coaching staff are pleased with the G-Men and where they are, and they have to get back to work Monday to sharpen their skills and get better.

     The Tigers first game of the season will be at home on Sept. 3 against Virginia University-Lynchburg at 6 p.m.