Tiger Fest is here!



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One of the artists performing for this year’s spring fest concert is Young Thug, a Southwest Atlanta-based rap artist that’s known for being wild, blunt and for being one of the most trending artists out right now. 

Young Thug

Young Thug

Born Jeffery Williams, Young Thug, or “Thugger Thugger” is known for saying some of the catchiest lines in versus and wearing some of the most outrageous prints of clothing. Thugger’s career took off in 2013 with his hit “Stoner” and that was remixed ft. Nicki Minaj and from there he started to work with some of the industry’s best like Kanye, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne. Young Thug is a flashy yet wise person when it comes to entertainment. He knows the young people are watching and getting influenced while the older crowd is not interested and confused about half of what he says. The ATL native does not have the sound of your typical southern rapper, but more of an auto-tuned, high-pitched sound.  Young Thug does have his own label, YSL (Young Stoner Life). Thugger also has his own form of language – he refers to his close friends and brothers as Bae or Lover).  

His appearance normally catches the attention and whatever comes out of his mouth leaves people in awe. Having over 70 solo tracks in two years it is not a surprise Young Thug made the list. Over the past two years it is has been said he signed with Ca$h Money/Rich Gang records and joined the team but nothing has been set in stone. The confusion with him being signed or just affiliated with them caused a ruckus that was helpful with getting his name out and bringing attention to his music. Young Thug does not bother with the opinion of others and says whatever he wants.

 Young Thug has music with just about anyone you can think of from Atlanta, from Rich Homie Quan, Future, T.I., Travi$ Scott and much more. He normally is seen to be with a small crowd with him wherever he goes and refers to all of them as his team/family.

Young Thug has not been rapping very long, only in 2010 did he start to take his talent seriously and since then he has released over 6 mixtapes which includes a three part mixtape series which caught attention in 2011-2012 titled I Came From Nothing and just recently released another mixtape titled Slime Season 3, which is his second project of the year after releasing I’m Up in February, he continues to stream through the charts and remain in the spotlight. He is known for keeping the attention of the crowd by performing and keeping the attention having the energy of a rock star like performance. 



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“You gon have to do more than just say it, you gon have to do less when you do it, Tell mama you know I show it, Always want you to prove it” and prove it, is exactly what he did. 

Daystar Peterson aka Tory Lanez is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, director, and fashion designer. 

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez

       He was born on July 27, 1992, in Toronto-Ontario, Canada. Peterson faced a rough childhood, having to deal with the devastating loss of his mother and the absence of this father who is an ordained minister.

Peterson started rapping at the age of 9. During his younger years is where he adopted his stage name Tory Lanez. While living in Atlanta, Georgia Peterson met a janitor who gave him the nickname“Lanez,” because he had been seeing Peterson running around the street without watching for traffic. The name “Tory” came when Peterson moved to New York City. He started calling himself “Notorious” after his idol Notorious B.I.G. He then cut it down to just Tory, eventually becoming “Tory Lanez.”

Peterson career started in 2009 with the release of his mix tape titled T.L 2 T.0. In 2010 rumors started surfacing saying that Peterson was related to fellow Canadian rapper, Drake. To dispel those rumors, Peterson released a video on YouTube, denying any relations and challenging Drake, “I believe Drake is a golden artist… but me, I’m platinum,” said the raising artist.  Peterson challenged Drake to listen to his mix tape, and if he did not like it Peterson would give him 10,000. This forced the music industry to take notice. 

Tory Lanez was nudged into the spotlight in 2010 when Sean Kingston contacted him after watching a video of Lanez free styling over Lloyd Banks, “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.” 

Kingston invited Lanez to meet up with him during Justin Bieber’s My World Tour, where Lanez got to perform live. Popularly landed Lanez with his first record deal with Sean Kingston’s “Time Is Money Entertainment” record label.         After leaving the record label for unknown reasons, Lanez release numerous mix tapes, including: Swavey, Ignant Sh*t, Sincerely Tory, and Conflicts of My Soul

Peterson now owns his own store called Forever Umbrella, in uptown Toronto with the Umbrella boys. Lanez also has his own brand of clothes called Crist coming out soon. “I wasn’t aware that Tory Lanez had any fashion apparel, but I can see him being successful in the fashion industry” said Tyshawna Bishop, GSU student. 

Since 2015 Lanez has released many singles, but is widely known for “Say It” that was released July 31, 2015. “I only know one song by Tory Lanez, that’s Say it, but I love it and look forward to hearing more from him” said Bishop. 

After the same time it was revealed Lanez had signed with Benny Blanco’s Mad Love Records and Interscope Records. 

He’s definitely one of those artists that we can all expect to see and hear much more from in the future.