Fox’s ‘Empire’ returns for second sizzling season

Empire is a fan favorite drama television series that airs on Fox. Fans all over the United States anticipated on the season premiere this past week. The series was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong and was inspired by James Goldman’s play “The Lion in Winter.” Empire is about a hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment named Lucious Lyon and his family. 

To kick off the season premiere, Rhonda Lyon (Andre Lyon’s wife) took a tumble down the steps after she was pushed down a flight of stairs. Unknowingly, it was ruled as an accident because Rhonda was supposedly the only person in the house but it was indeed a homicide since the baby she was pregnant with died. Andre who has a history of mental breakdowns couldn’t take it after hearing the news and had a complete breakdown in the hospital. While the Lyon Dynasty took a loss with the start a new generation, Anika (Lucious’ ex finance and Hakeem’s former girlfriend) found out she was pregnant. Even though she took multiple pregnancy tests and is positive that Hakeem is the father of her child, she has not told anyone yet.

While dealing with the death of his grandson, Lucious was overthrown as CEO of his own company and Hakeem; his son didn’t waste any time taking the throne that he was so rightly owned. Not only was Lucious over thrown, he was blind sided by Hakeem’s former girlfriend that he paid off, Camilla. Camilla sought out her revenge on Lucious and the entire Lyon clan after she was banned and paid off to leave Hakeem. After building an alliance with Marisa Tomei, a woman Lucious brought in to the company to invest her millions into the business, Camilla quickly took over and kicked Lucious out. 

This episode viewers also saw a side of Lucious that hasn’t been shown before. He was spiraling out of control after being kicked out of the Empire building by the police. After a long night of emotional breakdowns, Cookie found Lucious in the closet of his bedroom cleaning a gun. Cookie knew that she had to do something and do it quick before he did something that he was going to regret and change the family forever. 

To clap back at Camilla, Lucious hired a crew of felons who had no problem doing whatever they were paid to do. Thirsty, Lucious’  lawyer and self-proclaimed new “right hand man” called a meeting with these felons and explained to them that they needed to systematically “talk” with all the board members of the company.  The “talk” left all of the board members expect for one injured so bad that they wanted no part of Empire. That’s when Hakeem, the youngest son, saw it as the perfect opportunity to claim the title as the new CEO taking his father’s position and company. 

The season premiere ended with Hakeem and Lucious face-to-face having an intense confrontation. Lucious gave Hakeem a gun and told him to kill him now while he had a chance because if not, he would kill his son the first opportunity he got.