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Election results are in

With the school year coming to an end, election week finally arrived. This year there were some strong competitors who definitely brought the competition with them.

Michael Meadows won the title as Student Government Association president and the 2016-2017 Miss Grambling State University will be Astra Watts. 

Michael Meadows (left) calmly accepts his victory as he is named the winner of the Student Government Association presidency for 2016-2017.

Michael Meadows (left) calmly accepts his victory as he is named the
winner of the Student Government Association president for 2016-2017.

“The first thing on my agenda is to make sure that my court is all in order and everything is planned out,” said Watts. “Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me and supported me through this long journey and I will not let any of you down.”  

Election week kicked off Monday with a parade around the campus; following with the Queen’s showcase, which allowed each candidate to introduce themselves and their platforms. Election week continued the following afternoon with a social on the yard. All the candidates were given a chance to interact with students and promote their platform. Each campaign team encouraged students to vote for the best nominee as they enjoyed music, food, and goodie bags to persuade votes. Though there was a lot of socializing, each team kept their head in the game. 

The booster that was held on the quad Wednesday evening gave each candidate one last chance to campaign for votes. 

Students were instructed to visit the GSU webmail and search for “Spring 2016 SGA Elections Ballot” to vote for their best candidate. The voting polls were opened to students Tuesday at 11 a.m. and closed Thursday at 11 a.m. 

The results were announced Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the Grambling Hall Auditorium. The results were fully determined by all students who were eligible to vote. 

The other 2016-2017 candidates for the Student Government Association president were Richard Jackson and Breonna Ward.

 The other ladies who ran for Miss Grambling State University were Elizabeth Eddy, Kristian Jackson, and Joi’Lavia Porter. 

Miss GSU 2016-2017 Astra Watts (center) releases balloons after hearing her name announced as the winner.

Miss GSU 2016-2017 Astra Watts (center) releases balloons after
hearing her name announced as the winner.

   SGA vice president went to Cecil Holt, and Noelle Barnes will serve in the secretary position.   

The Senior Class president nominees were Dwain Herbert and Dylan Spearman. Senior Class Vice President will be designated to Tammara Ellis and Maya Lucas will take the position as Senior Class Secretary. Jerrica Newman and Indya Raven battled for the position as Senior Class senators. Michael Hoard will be accepting the position as Senior Class Associate Justice. Competing for the title as Miss Senior were Gomar Both and LaSadie Dixon.

Justin Malone will be represented as Sophomore Class vice president. The Sophomore Class senator position will be designated to Asia Faulk and both Robynn Hadley and Arlanda Nunsett will fulfill the Sophomore Class associate justice position. The Miss Sophomore representative is Desire Smith. 

Both Darcelle Deruise and Jashlin Hampton will represent the Junior Class senator position. The Miss Junior recipient is Meashell Crosby. 

Senior Class president is Dylan Spearman, Senior Class senator will be appointed to both Jerrica Newman and Indya Raven. LaSadie Dixon will be represented as Miss Senior.

Jamie Taylor will be represented as Junior Class Vice President, while Cheray Gilkes takes the role as Junior Class Secretary. Junior Class Senator nominees were Darcelle Derbies and Jashlin Hampton. Junior Class Associate Justice will be granted to Endiah Green. The candidates running for Miss Junior are Brittany Brown and Meashell Crosby-Young. 

Steven Alexander will appoint Sophomore Class President. The candidates competing for sophomore class vice president were Zaphany Banks and Justin Malone. Marqueisha Laffitte will advise the sophomore class secretary. The nominees for Sophomore Class Senator are Kyla Nelson and Asia Faulk. Sophomore Class Associate Justice is Robynn Hadley and Arlanda Nunsett. The upcoming representative as Miss Sophomore will be Desire Smith.

There is currently no representative for Junior Class president, and the position will be up for nominations in the fall.