‘Rise Up’ organization holds first meeting of semester

Rise Up had their first interest meeting in the Favrot Student Union Theatre on Thursday. 

Micah Perkins, 2015-2016 Miss Omega Psi Phi, formed the Pro Black socially conscious organization. 

Perkins plans to spread enlightenment on the struggles of Black women, and promote unity between the relations of African-American men and women. 

Courtesy photo Members of Rise Up take a picture after the first meeting.

Courtesy photo
Members of Rise Up take a picture after the first meeting.

     “I felt Rise Up would be a good organization because of the lack of knowledge of students have about black women, and also to bring togetherness between Black men and Black women," said Perkins.

Perkins, a native of Denver, Colorado, uses the “Rise Up” movement to support her platform for the Omega Pageant that took place November 20, 2015. 

Rise Up stands for Respect, Invest, Support, Empower, Uplift and Protect.

 Perkins also believes in educating students on more issues within the community to enhance unity.  

“If we do not take interest in learning and understanding each other we, as a race, will continue to fail,” said Perkins. 

While attending an HBCU it is common to see organizations that exist to rally people together to make a difference or be more aware of the society we live in. 

Most socially aware clubs don't necessarily last long unless there are committed members throughout the following years of its establishment. 

“I think it would be great if ‘Rise Up’ continues to be an organization at Gram after I graduate, but only if the right person takes leadership,” she said. 

Perkins believes that women should be influenced positively and take more of a progressive role in todays society, especially in a time of racial tension. 

"I influence myself because all the things I wanted to do in my life encouraged me to do better and no one else has been able to show me better."

Micah Perkins once had an interview with a professional model and author 'A black lotus: a woman’s search for racial identity' Sila Abrahams "if this is your calling and you can give a message different from anyone else's, than do it.” For more information about Rise Up and related events, keep an eye open for they’re next meeting and seminars.