Professor steps up to clergy status

Well known as a professor of art at Grambling State University, Larry D. Holston is now an ordained minster of the gospel.  

Rev. Larry Holston

Rev. Larry Holston

Despite knowing since childhood that he was purposed for the ministry, Larry chose to enlist in the military for a period of 10 years before gaining employment at Grambling State University in the Art Department. For the past 23 years, he has remained dedicated not only as an Art professor but as a mentor, father figure, uncle and cousin to the students that enter his classroom year after year.    

Unaware that he was guided by the Holy Spirit, Larry was able to select the students who were lost, abandoned, rejected and struggling to find themselves in this world. Individually, he provided each student with hope, encouragement and support aiding in the transition of adulthood.    

As the years passed, Larry began hearing the voice of God once again commissioning him to preach the gospel.  Refusing again to submit to God, Larry began to suffer physically and emotionally in his life resulting in him having a stroke in December of 2011 and January of 2012 along with unforeseen financial difficulties. 

While in the hospital after having the second stroke, Larry had another spiritual encounter with the Lord and he readily submitted to the will of God as he desired to suffer no more.  Little did he know, his suffering was just beginning. Along with having to be placed on medical leave for one year, Larry found himself unable to speak requiring speech therapy for six months.  Regaining his speech and cognitive functioning, it is now October 2012 and Larry is preparing to deliver his first sermon as his speech now has some clarity and is audible.  

He was licensed under Rev. James Toney of the Little Dee MBC in Mer Rouge, Louisiana, until he became the assistant pastor of Life In The Word Church in Monroe, Louisiana.  

Larry was ordained as Rev. Larry Holston in May of 2015 under the auspice of Bishop Johnny Riley Jr., the overseer of Bridging The GAPS Ministries.  

Yielding to the voice of God again, Larry launched a new and emerging ministry known as Restoration Ministries of Northeast Louisiana in September of 2015 in Grambling, Louisiana where he humbly serves as the pastor.   

The Worship Experience is each Sunday morning at 8 a.m.  Bible Study is each Wednesday at 6 p.m.  

Ministry through Art by Rev. Holston is offered the first Wednesday of each month. 

Restoration Ministries of Northeast Louisiana is located at 2084 Martin Luther King Ave.(behind Gallot’s Barbershop), Grambling, Louisiana, go to or Facebook.