Are you Tiger Tough?

The Grambling State University Army ROTC proves why they’re Tiger Tough Hooooaah!! 

The Grambling State University Army ROTC program has been around for 23 years, joining cadets and command with Louisiana Tech University and University of Louisiana at Monroe serving under one battalion. 

The Grambling State University Tiger Battalion shows their commitment, dedication, hard work and physical fitness on campus here at Grambling State University.

   Being Tiger Tough consists of hard work and dedication in the mornings for physical training, also known as PT, swim training, classroom exercises and field training.

All of these tasks are part of the cadets’ lives, and the Army ROTC plays a vital role here on GSU’s campus. 

Starting at 5:50 a.m., the cadets are in formation taking commands from higher ranking cadets and cadre. 

The reason behind cadets having to assemble themselves in a formation is to take accountability of soldiers. 

Once PT starts, the the cadences (sequence of notes or words) begin.    

Tiger Battalion is known for being loud and proud in the early mornings singing cadence and chants throughout and around campus, which helps t keeps them motivated and awake. 

Next, cadets get in a formation which is known as a platoon that is led by a platoon leader. 

Cadets’ workouts include campus runs, lifting weights, ruck marching and cross fit workouts. 

Cadet Spencer Robinson elaborated on what helped him become physically fit and how the importance of being fit is to him. “I like the way the new workouts work us harder than the ones in the past.”  In the process of completing the workouts the cadets must meet PT standards. 

Cadets are required to take a PT test, which is mandatory for them to pass in order to advance to summer camps and become contracted to receive monetary stipends, and, if possible a scholarship may be offered as well. 

Army ROTC  at Grambling hosts Tiger Tough fitness events on campus in the fall and spring. 

Their duty is to motivate students who haven’t been physically challenge and see if they’re Tiger Tough. 

The GSU Tiger Battalion works hard and show stheir dedication here on campus and for the United States of America.