Student government holds general meeting

Like most governments, addressing the citizens of your society concerning your course of action to deliver on upcoming projects and updates on plans that went from just paper to actions is essential.   

Ensuring the individuals in this commonality that as a government your intentions are always to have their best interest at heart.

Jonathan Wallace

Jonathan Wallace


  At Grambling State University, the Student Government Association holds several general body meetings a year to address a conglomeration of issues, comments, concerns, or questions that students may have in regards to things ranging from dormitories to voter registration.

“We take our roles as student government officials very seriously. We aim to make our university a better place for students and faculty alike,” said SGA president, Jonathan Wallace, a senior from Rayville, Louisiana majoring in sports management.

SGA is responsible for a cornucopia of imperative enterprises such as recruiting; which they do vigorously during summer conferences, football season, and events held at our university, such as High School Day. 

According to the Student Government Association, there are now 621 functioning cameras spread about the campus. They have also made vast improvements on the wifi coverage around campus; as it has been a major issue for students. 

Because of SGA, eight students won a free trip to the 2015 Bayou Classic after entering an essay contest hosted by the student leaders. New initiatives include ‘Dress for Success Tuesday’ and ‘M.I.A., Men In Action’, which will be a mentorship/leadership program. 

Debrielle Browder

Debrielle Browder

Among the events presented by the senior class cabinet an event called “The Twilight Zone” has the senior class president, Debrielle Browder, a senior criminal justice major from Compton, Calif. excited to implement. “I can’t tell you all too much about it, but it is a social experiment we will conduct in McCall Dining Hall,” stated Browder.

The senior class president and other members of her cabinet also held a handful of informative events back in the Fall 2015 semester. Such an event geared toward educating the student body about auto-immune deficiency syndrome also known as AIDS. 

They partnered with the lesbian gay bisexual transgender community to give students the best and most honest knowledge about the LGBT community as well as the disease that has claimed many lives. 

The freshman class cabinet and the judicial branch of SGA teamed up for a “Know Your Rights” seminar whose purpose was to inform the freshman pupils on campus about their legal rights as citizens in the United States of America. 

Police officers and attorneys attended to educate students about what they can and cannot do in situations where they feel their rights are being threatened. 

In the future, SGA senate plans to host an event called “The Pantry” for students on campus who do not have funds to purchase food and necessities for on campus living. 

These student leaders work with faculty members Dr. David Ponton and others to safeguard their plans in addition to making certain everything is handle accordingly and efficiently. 

You can find information about future SGA general body meetings on Instagram @grambling_sga.