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World AIDS Run held on campus

Tuesday afternoon showed proof and remembrance for the surviving and fallen victims of aids and HIV. This revived yearly celebration was hosted by the Department of Residential Life, also know as housing.    










Many students came out to support for various reasons. “The fact that it’s a good cause,” said Cameron Mcglothen, a sociology major from Los Angeles. That was enough for the majority. 

Unfortunately the weather didn’t seem impressed with GSU’s efforts, with a chill in every step the forecast wasn’t looking so bright. Yet even winds of 64 degrees couldn’t stop Grambling state from spreading awareness. 

According to research done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of HIV victims aren’t aware of their infection. This is why it is essential for institutions to instill facts of “knowing your status.”   

Lightening the mood, entertainment in perfect grambling fashion, was a must! Dj twin’s blended melody was the perfect relief for such a serious occasion.  Just as well as the live performance put on by guitarist Devin Virgil and his female lead, Cierra Booker, a great warm up for the event in which had students from each sector of campus strutting through school grounds.

“We believe that starting off having a memorial and visuals for those who have died or living with HIV/Aids is a positive thing…Doing a walk in their memory is a perfect example of creating something educational for students,” said Rudolph Ellis, the assistant director of Residential Life.

 Ellis also later revealed that he knew two people that were HIV positive.

And though the bulk of faculty, officials, and students were AIDS free you could feel the warmth of support from the flame lit during the candlelight.