Still a family affair after leaving GSU

The Grambling State Alumni Affairs Office works from the inside out. The office work with GUNNA  Grambling University National Alumni Association). This is the only department whose job is to keep all GramFam tied as one.   

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Grambling State alumni enjoy the Homecoming game October 24.

The GSU campus is full of concrete traditions and great history, but why is alumni affairs one of the least talked about department?  Many overlook and bypass the area daily. Alumni affairs, located by the ROTC department in the Advancement Building, and sadly many forget that the department has been around for years. 

"Many consider the bond of Grambling students (especially alumni) to be a force to be reckoned with. The pride one has for our school is why alums financially support us just out of love. Our Alumni affairs department keeps informed and they touch everyone," said Carolyn Collier, executive director.

Unlike GUNNA, who collects mandatory dues in order for one to stay a member. This department has a small budget from the school, the main channel for keeping them up and running are volunteers who help fulfill other needed finances, donations, for paraphernalia and extra miscellaneous things to keep the logo seen. They are donation based.

Chicago alumni gather at the Bayou Classic for a viewing party.

     Many think “GUNNA” is the same as alumni affairs. Their purposes coincide but both are uniquely different. GUNNA is located at the Alumni home, it was created and ran by the staff of National Alumni Association. Alumni affairs raised awareness for the school. GUNNA maintains city chapters, but both are used as a home plate for life after you leave the “G”.

"This year we have had great turnouts at all things Grambling from the first game to kick-off football season, Homecoming and Bayou Classic all being the school's biggest reuniting events. We were blessed this year by Grambling alumni. Including the lovely Erykah Badu, and classmates," said office officals.

 Once you graduate you are an alumni of GSU for the rest of your life. One whom had not been involved can always pay homage to where you came from. Everyone is reminded to keep in touch and make sure you're on the mailing list and let the office workers know who and where you are.

"We must remember that we are all G's" Graciously Giving with Gratitude to our dear old Grambling,”  said Collier.

The office is operated by Collier and GSU alumna Garnesha Beck as the associate director, the office is basically a two person office, but lots of volunteer alums are what help the dynamic duo.