Lil’ Wayne once again delivers

The week of Thanksgiving about 10 mixtapes were dropped from at least one of the top artists in the industry.  

One of these artists in today’s hip-hop game was, DeWayne Carter aka Lil Wayne, Weezy or, the infamous Tunchi dropped his No Ceilings:2 and was seen in his hometown of New Orleans over the holiday weekend during at the Battle of the Bands during the Bayou Classic festivities. 

Tunchi’s mixtape dropped the day after Thanksgiving, before this highly celebrated game between Louisiana’s rival HBCUs Grambling State University and Southern University. 

With this project, Wayne proclaims that he does it on the sheer strength that he is one of the greatest music legends of our time and one of the “best rappers alive!”

It’s obvious, due to the amount of how many Wayne’s songs, albums, or features people know right off the dome.  No Ceilings:2 consists of 24 songs where he used the ‘Jackin’ For Beats’ style where he used other artists’ beats to express himself. 

It includes many of today’s familiar hit tracks like Back to Back, Hotline Bling, The Hills and features collaborations with artists such as, King Los, Yo Gotti, Currency, and Future. Wayne makes them all look like the songs and industry belongs to him. 

Word on the streets is that people are not expecting Wayne to pull out another great album or mixtape, it is said that “Wayne is predictable” or will “fall out” of the music industry soon, his criticism, the hate, and ignorance do not matter to what he has put in the industry. 

Wayne has set a number of industry patents, in being first! First to flick a lighter on a track, the first to rap on other songs no matter what genre, and not only crossover to a different genre like pop and rock but come back to rap and put another, iTunes record breaking album out The Carter IV. After just being released from prison. 

Lets give credit to where credit is due. Wayne just put out the best mixtape of the year. I think it was very respectable and essential for him to reunite with the man who helped create the South’s rap music, Mannie Fresh, on this project. Wayne also shows that he creates a platform for other artist to get heard. The artist on the mixtape like Euro, Baby E, Lucci Lou, and Steffanie V are getting recognized and pushed to the forefront. 

The mixtape is genius because Wayne metaphorically and analogies in his rapping just gets better and continues to evolve and push his art form forward. 

It shows in his songs Duck, Poppin, Millyrock, and Live from the Gutter noticing that wayne never stops putting in the work of promoting his talent by creating for his and other artist. Wayne talks of drugs and relationships more in each track, like the song Duck making it known he is in use of drugs like ‘cocaine’ and Hotline Bling talking of his relationship with ‘Superhead’. What makes this mixtape different is the amount of care he puts in this mixtape. Noticing that it has more songs than any other mixtape since ‘The Drought’. 

When Wayne comes he delivers to the crowd he wants to deliver to every time.


Fresh f. Mannie Fresh

This is really an intro to the album. It has a hometown feel to it, obviously because both artists are from Louisiana. 

Back 2 Back

An original “diss” track from one of his own artists. With the style Wayne puts in this, it really should be a definite “go to” track on your playlist for getting ready.

My Name Is

This track just shows that Wayne can hop on any level, any track, and any artist and show them what he does best.

Hotline Bling

This is the No. 1 song in the country, and Wayne just puts his own greatness in it and just when it seems to be “predictable,” it is far from it.