Grambling’s Christmas bash was a hit!

Grambling’s Christmas bash was a hit! From collared greens, eggnog and ham this year’s event was more than a success.

It’s nothing like a group of friendly students to remind you of a traditional home celebration. Then again, on what occasion is love more visible? This factor was evident at GSU. The warm faces and shinny smiles invited students into our famous Black and Gold Room that we conspicuously all love so much! Even the decor for Grambling State’s Christmas party screamed “Welcome!”

Holiday cheer and the spirit of giving showed in the colors all around the place and the activities brought students together then swept you off your feet with a jingle.

Every voice raised the night of November 2 was gracious and certainty filled with joy. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the presence of delight was lit up with sparkles of black and gold through out the hall and down the elevator. No frown was in sight to the festooned naked eye. The air seemed too clear, lonesome and cold outdoors, but inside it was filled with boastful, enduring and cheerful laughter. Not a soul was out of place even if the bud of a joke.

Be sure not to let next year’s event slip by. Marvelously Grambling’s Christmas hoopla was indeed the perfect farewell before finals when the majority of students are so far away from home.

A poem

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas where a hoot and hooray

Went to SGA and FSub for such a feast and a Game. 

Stir was the crowd with a mouth full of stream beans. 

With ears full of laughter pitched high, low and the touch of a ring. 

How satisfying a Tone or two lifted for carols rehearsed to sing.

Such a great memorial time, attached to such a fling.

And just as we wobbled out of black and gold, 

Our cheeks were sore from smiling possessing a full house heart stamped with a Sold. 

                                                                                     — By Taylor Mitchell-Smith