Campus minister talks about his faith

The Minister The Message and The Masses is relevant to fulfilling the true purpose of existence. The lifestyle of the Ministers of the gospel as well as the message that they preach is of utmost importance in presentation to this generation.   

C. Dewayne Hollins

Rev. C. Dewayne Hollins

There is an importance of setting a standard and personal accountability that must be taken.  Ministry includes the God’s message, the messenger, and the receiver-doer of that message. God’s concern will always be in these areas. He will always deal with these areas to achieve his purpose and to open His way for all those who believe.

A man can stand before an audience and speak about politics, economics, health or wealth and his hearers listen carefully to his message but that is not oracle of God or the message of salvation.

“We have to reach out and reflect the invitation given by  God,” says Rev. C. Dewayne Hollins. With a focused demeanor he assured the point of God’s reaching out as this, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life John 3:16”.  Hollins, executive director of the Wesley Foundation Serving GSU delivers a message of “restoration and transformation”. 

Hollins began his journey in ministry at an early in age in 1994 serving as the youth minister at the Mt. Olive United Methodist Baptist Church in Bastrop.  He has ministered in Marshall, Longview, Atlanta, and now Grambling. Hollins is very firm with students of the organization concerning ministry and academics and shows students how to manage both. 

Senior Arseneaux Robinson, student president of the Campus Ministry, accredits his involvement to his personal pursuit of living the life Christ intended and delivering his message. “ My job is to get as many students involved as possible by showing positive leadership capabilities and encouraging the student body to deliver the same message,” Robinson said.

There is a great need in the church today and it is to raise able and humble servant-leaders and ministers with reformed character and sound biblical messages. “We deal more with the spiritual side which is the information of Christ, not denomination,” Hollins says. “I am humble to serve in this capacity”. 

The fundamental truth of the gospel is receiving terrible attacks at present. The rate is vital for preachers who will preach Christ crucified and risen, able to save.  “I encourage students to Believe, Become, and Belong,” says Hollins. 

The Bible teaches ministers to preach Jesus as the Christ only by the power of the Holy Ghost, not their own. Failure to do this, is failure as a Christian minister, and is not true ministry at all. Indeed, where there is true and sound biblical messages people will come and listen to it. There is something deep in the heart and soul of man that desires to hear what the preacher is saying. If people are not responding to the teaching, programs, or attending church, then who should we look for the fault in?  Is there a relevant and meaningful message for the masses? If so, the people will come to hear it. Sound biblical message should make such a difference to the hearer that his whole life is changed. “I love hearing the word of God, it’s helping me find myself; it draws people in,” says freshman participant WC Bowman.  A true message should help those who are troubled, depressed or anxious about anything. 

Students began to pour into Hollins’ office and were eager to give their personal opinion as well. A change in a positive direction is noticed on campus with enrollment at 217 students since August.

“I enjoy gathering new participants for Monday night worship. You must have a positive attitude and love God,” Montana King, said. 

The faithful and effective preaching of the Word of God, applied by the power of the Holy Spirit, will give the masses, those who are listening and willing to be obedient, the answer to all of their problems. “The way