Women’s coaches see greatness

Grambling State’s Basketball opening season starts with the reimbursement legacy of GSU women’s basketball from years ago. 

Coach Nadine Domond and Fred Murray are really into bringing that winning spirit back to Grambling women’s basketball this season. 

“With the new Edition of the players we should see improvement,” said Coach Murray. 

GSU has 10 new players, seven of them freshmen five returning and two seniors.

“The talent has been upgraded and our accomplishments are looking to compete in our conference and win the SWAC Championship,” said Murray. “We also have a good chemistry on and off the court. We are peaking, but have not peaked yet, which is good.” 

Grambling has a great schedule to make a statement starting with the rank number 21 team in NCAA George Washington University in which they lost 58-85. 

They are looking to play a lot of nose-to-nose gritty defense throughout the season with the practice against top teams including Kim Mulke’s Baylor University. It gets exciting for the Tigers. 

“We are going to come in and play every game like we’re going to win it,” said Domond. 

This is the last season for seniors Yosha Watson and Shanice Poole. 

“Yosha Watson is vital piece to what we trying to do offensively and defensively,” said assistant coach David Pierre.   

Grambling definitely has a foundation to bring to the university, which once was the top women’s basketball team in the nation. 

“What separates Grambling is the foundation it has come from because before there was a UCONN there was Gambling State,” said Murray. 

You can expect a lot from the returning players this season. It is time for GSU women’s basketball to make a allegiance to claim their Legacy. 

Their first home game was pleasing to see. The crowd was really in to the freshmen and all the players getting to show what they bring to the table in there devouring 106 – 50 win against LSU Alexandria. 

The chemistry the guards played it showed a lot, but it wasn’t enough for coach. 

“It was a much needed win, a chance to feel good playing at home. We are trying to play full court defense knowing that defense wins championships,” said Domond.