Pageant hopefuls attend interest meeting

Monday was the first interest meeting for the pageant. The Black and Gold Room were filled with eager prospect students. 

“Some of my teammates had done the pageant before and told me they had a blast doing it so I thought maybe I should try it out. I was so Excited for the pageant,” said Chelsea Taylor, a prospect student here at Grambling.   

Casey Byrd, the associate director of Student Activities, started the meeting by introducing all the former Calendar Girls. They all stated their names, titles, and awards they had received in the pageant. 

The reigning Cover Girl and her Calendar Girls were happy to answer any questions that the ladies had to ask. They also let the girls know about their experiences while participating. 

“The pageant was a great experience for me! I met new people and had an amazing time. Terry Lilly made out late nights fun and humorous. I learned a lot about myself and unlocked a new stage of my confidence. I enjoyed every second of it! I strongly suggest that everyone compete,” said Joi’Lavia Porter, Miss Cover Girl. 

“ I really went for the experience. I was a little nervous, but I knew some of the other girls were feeling the same way,” said D’ashley Williams, Miss December. “Everyone eventually opened up and got more comfortable around each other. I just kept in mind that whether I win a title or not I thought all of the girls deserved a title. When they actually called my name it was just a sign of relief, realizing time flew by and it was all worth it.” 

After everyone introduced herself, Byrd went through the informational packet to insure that everyone understood what he or she needed to qualify as a candidate. 

Information included: 

ν Participant has to maintain a 2.0 to run for a Month; Miss September, Miss October etc, and a 2.5 for Miss Cover Girl. 

ν Cannot be a graduating senior 

ν Must compete for the title of Miss Cover Girl or Miss Calendar Girls (month). 

As the meeting came to an end questions were flying across the room. This year’s turn out was great and the next meeting will for sure be something to look forward to. 

To get more information, the next Calendar Girl Pageant meeting will be held on Jan. 16 in the Black and Gold Room at 5 p.m.