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Alum customizes, author new book

As a result of responding to a forwarded e-mail by associate professor, Dr. Elaine Foster, Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Grambling State University, Yolanda Barnes has her name on a textbook.

Barnes, GSU and Bossier Parish Community College, Sociology/Psychology adjunct, captured the essence of the arts and sciences of sociology in a new textbook that she customized  and authored entitled “Introduction to Sociology: Science and Society.”   

Yolanda Barnes

Yolanda Barnes

“The content embedded in this textbook purport to provide students with a classic approach to studying sociology which focuses on practical application through interactive engagement and activities,” said Barnes.

The e-mail from BVT Publishing was offering an opportunity to any instructor interested in customizing a textbook. It is a very unique publishing company, for nearly two decades they have been working with authors and experts to create a quality, and affordable textbooks.  

“BVT offer numerous avenues for authors, college instructors, and experts to contribute to the creation of a superior textbook.  Their unrivaled customer service and collaborative publishing environment allows you to create your masterpiece and perfect the art and science of teaching, according to Barnes

Whether you have an original manuscript, course materials packet, or would like to republish your previous work, you can make your vision become a reality, said the Jonesboro-Hodge native.

The customization process allows a customizing author to modify any of their textbooks to better meet the author’s needs; and do it with no limits! BVT offers customization all the way down to the sentence level; they allow you to rearrange the chapters; add your own original content; title creation and textbook cover design. Affordability counts, too!  

“One reason I was interested in publishing with BVT Publishing is the constant rise in the cost of college textbooks. Now, more than ever, textbook costs are critical to student and many new books now cost over $200; and students spend as much as $800 a semester for textbooks. The price for this book ranges from 49.99 for the E-book, to $69.9 for the textbook plus loose leaf bundle format,”  Barnes said.

BVT also feature several titles in their Free Access format, to further the mission to maximize affordability for the students, said Barnes

The “Introduction of Sociology: Science and Society” (1st Edition) text published by BVT Publishing Company features the historical development of sociology while utilizing a classic approach which introduces the discipline to today’s students in a manner that is relevant to their everyday lives.  Each chapter consists of content based discussions that pertain to the application of sociological concepts to the personal and professional lives of individuals.  

Courtesy photo Grambling alum, Yolanda Barnes, receives opportunity to author a textbook.

Courtesy photo
Grambling alum, Yolanda Barnes, receives opportunity to author a textbook.

    Pedagogical aids such as culminating summaries, key terms, and critical analysis activities designed to enhance students’ sociological perspectives are delineated at the conclusion of each chapter to provide students with opportunities to assimilate and apply fundamental content.

Barnes in 2000 earned a bachelor of science degree in marketing, and in 2006 earned a masters of arts in teaching with a concentration in sociology from Grambling State University and on Friday, Dec. 18; Barnes will earn a bachelor of arts in sociology, from GSU.  

As an adjunct her primary responsibility is to facilitate learning by providing instruction and monitoring teaching/learning effectiveness in courses assigned. 

Yolande has a special interest in the study sociology and how it relates to the social issues, the impact and consequences on society as a whole. 

She is actively involved in several social service community related organizations and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.