Quarterback named FCS offensive player to watch

Coming from Tampa, Florida Johnathan Williams didn’t know what to expect arriving on the Grambling campus; he just knew he was ready to play football.

Once he found out his head coach from high school would be coming to coach at Grambling State University, Williams decided to come here for college.

After arriving to the campus Williams was given the name “John Doe” being as thought he was one of the only guys on the team from Florida at the time and Miami native Rick Ross had a song out with that title. 

 Williams was born in Tampa, Florida, with his mom, while his father was incarcerated during his child hood. Growing up in Tampa was fast he said, much faster than where he lives now. Williams said his mom kept him busy b playing sports and keeping him in church.

His love for football started at the young age of four and said he believes it was inherited and he grew to love it. His father played football, his grandfather and his two brothers all which were quarterbacks. 

After graduating high school Williams decided to come to Grambling when his head coach got hired. 

“I just followed my head coach and ended up in Grambling; not knowing where it was or what it was – I just knew I wanted to go to school and play college football,” Williams said. 

He came to GSU in 2011 and says it’s a cool atmosphere it just takes a while to get adjusted to, and it’s a day to day process to do that. Williams believes that Grambling helped him grow up a lot. 

“When a lot of my friends when to college everything was done for them, but for me it was the opposite,” Williams said explaining how college helped him grow up. 

“I had to do most of the thing on my own, they had people telling me what to do and I just had to get it done.”

Williams graduated last spring with a bachelors in engineering technology and plans to go to graduate school to become a civil engineer, if he doesn’t get drafted.