Re-evaluation can lead to revelation

My Expressions are put forth and documented in order to relinquish others of their strife or illuminate the beauty and joy within them. 

When I first started sketching I was not as intrigued as others; at the time this was because I unbeknownst had a gift to help others as well as myself. I simply had to rediscover my own simplistic child-like curiosity that led to an adventure with a path without any fear. 

Currently I am at a standstill reflective stage where I see my full inner self…. well I am revealing my inner beauty…noooooo rediscovering the hidden beauty that has been within me from the beginning. 

It has been a very interesting experience; I have infiltrated some of the darkest depths of my being and found my hidden light. I am releasing my fear and allowing my lights to illuminate and guide others on their spiritual revelations. 

Grambling State University has been an adequate part of the equation that is being solved; my life has been changed. I had this epiphany when I first registered and stepped foot on this campus, that was 2010…it’s 2015 so I’ve been here (with one brief break;” step back/lighter approach” to clear my head and try what I thought I wanted) so yeah…. five years. For five years; five long tumultuous spine bending, soul stretching; roller coaster of mostly fear, forethought and mixed emotions I am now at a point (once again) that I can sort of find steady ground and a bit of clarity through this smoke screen of a real world reality. 

Take a moment to brace yourself and really open up your mind. Reflect; like really reflect on yourself. After God everything starts with you, your main focus should be on “I”, you, y’all…just take a few beats to think about yourself, ask yourself a few questions: 

ν How do I feel? 

ν Am I OK? 

ν Am I happy? 

ν Am I prioritizing? 

ν Am I living my life with God as the center? 

ν Am I doing what needs to be done to be closer to God? 

ν Am I allowing/ making space within my life for God? 

ν Am I becoming what I am? (purpose*) 

ν Am I helping others? 

ν Am I on the correct path?

ν Am I ready? 

After you’ve gone over those questions and formulated an answer; reflect some more. Start asking yourself WHY? Expand your conscious depictions really start challenging yourself so that you can fully allow your true self to shine through. Manifested unto God for you are of his creations and he will guide and direct you to whichever safety you choose simply if you ask and act accordingly and carry out his will. 

I am being long-winded and gory simply because it’s that crucial. NO, I am not convicting anybody or anything that you do; but I am releasing this information in the hopes that it sparks the fire inside of your mental which should in fact signal something that will challenge you to better you in order to meet your full potential. 

Personally I am not there yet, but I am now willing to put forth every effort to get there. By keeping God as the center of my life and moving with the grace and mercy from God in this small period. I am grateful for every inch of progress even what I thought of as struggle and strife (because some have it worse) with God nothing will stop me. 

ν Put God first

ν Pace yourself 

ν Breathe 

ν Believe in yourself 

ν Find the balance that fits your path 

ν Stay centered (w/God) 

ν Breed positivity (think, speak, be) 

ν Keep the faith (love, wisdom, hope, God’s grace& mercy) 

ν Stay peaceful (project peace, speak peace, think peace) 

ν Be thankful (for all things) 

ν Learn from mistakes (struggle and strife shapes) 

ν  Allow room for growth (Be better not bitter) 

Life happens; and it happens far faster than we think…. well let me correct that, it happens faster than we could even imagine. Unfortunately, that’s due to your own convictions and I cannot tell you how to count/measure (numerically, spiritually, symbolically) your time. That is all up to you; you, yourself and the Almighty “I” and w/God as a refuge you will figure things out accordingly. What I can say is that I personally wish I would have realized a long time ago that God was ALWAYS with me… this world will drain you and make you feel all kinds of uselessness, but that can be prevented if your mind, body, soul and spirit are all on one accord. 


Jasmine Atkins is a senior mass communication major from Litroe, Louisiana.