Alumnus places second publication on shelf

Willie Bailey, a 2008 graduate of Grambling State University who now lives in Dallas, has published his second book.  

Willie Bailey

Willie Bailey

  The book, titled Marbles, gives the reader a look at the hardships of life.

After months of searching for a relative to rescue Alford from an orphanage, social worker Grace Sullivan, locates his only 83 year-old great-aunt. Pauline Seaman still holds the morals her parents instilled in her to never leave family.

She can give Alford food, clothes and shelter, but who will teach him the most important things about life like survival in a fast paced, cold world in the absence of his mother and father.

By reading Marbles, you will find it amusing to see the determination and ingenuity portrayed by this honor student and how he teaches himself how to be a man.

Bailey’s first novel, Generation Superstar, was published in the fall of 2013.

The book tells the story of Donnavan “Kilo” Davis, a teen from the South Side projects. Kilo has the ability to one day play in the NBA. It seems impossible for Kilo to discontinue his thug lifestyle, which prevents college coaches from recruiting him.  


Marbles written by Willie Bailey.

Marbles is the second book written by Willie Bailey.

   For a moment it seems hopeless for Kilo until he robs a corner store and realizes that his coach is a hostage.  Coach Bell doesn’t tell the police, but blackmails Kilo.

Kilo attends college hoping to better his family’s life. Kilo is thrown off the college team after he and four friends are caught with stolen guns and marijuana.

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“When I was younger, me and my homeboys would be hanging out and when there was nothing else to talk about someone would tell a funny lie and most of the time we knew it was a lie, but nobody would interrupt the lie until someone finished, because it was so funny and entertaining. I actually gained an interest for telling and writing one page stories,” said  Bailey who now lives in Dallas.

He said,  “One day I told myself that I was going to write a book and just to be honest that was something big to do for a person who comes from where I come from, meaning a young black male from the bottom, born in the hood, surrounded by youth who were only interested in the streets, others were in and out of prison and others barely had an education.”

He said he always cared about his education though and could stand alone, now the day I told a few people that I was going to write a book that was the funniest thing they had ever heard. They laughed until they cried because no one had ever said such a thing.

I took the jokes and thought it was funny but then remembered these people had parochial  minds and only knew what they had been exposed to. Then that guy Stan “Tookie” Williams wrote and published a book and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, I said now that’s not your typical author. So from that point on when people laughed at me I would say, Stan Williams wrote a book and laugh, then they would get quiet.

So me being the guy I am, prepared to stand alone. I began writing my first book which I finished in about one year, but I still haven’t published it but I went on to write Generation Superstar and publish it in 2013 and Marbles this year. I enjoy writing now, and story concepts just come to my mind all the time. I think my stories will become great movies in due time.