Story Tellers: a community healing creation

Story Tellers was started and created January 2015 by Erica McFarland, mental health specialist. Influenced by the loss of her mother, McFarland decided to create an event where individuals could come together and share stories that are therapeutic and could possibly help people mind, body, spirit and soul.

A testimony meeting a Ted talk. The selected story teller of the month shares their story each month. Followed by Q and A where individuals can come together and discuss different topics.   

Courtesy photo A scene from a Story Tellers event held at Praise Temple Ruston.


Story Tellers represents telling a story about what an individual has gone through and what has brought them back together. “Everyone have a story no matter how young or how old they are. There is someone out there that needs to hear it.” According to McFarland. Someone can enhanced their life from the circumstances that others have encountered in their life by simply sharing a story, in hopes that individuals personal testimony would heal. 

McFarland mission is to bring awareness and suggested solutions to the community.  Such Topics includes depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and other issues that are affect individuals in the community.  The free event is held each fourth Sunday at Praise Temple Ruston, 107 Love Ave. October marks the sixth session. 

Xavier Ogunyemi 19, freshman Ruston native suggested “students should come because it helps other people to cope with what they are going through by hearing others stories. Students are facing manyissues and it help students with some experiences that they face.” 

For more information email Follow the event on Facebook page at StoryTellers. 

The Story Tellers presenting their stories age range from 22-60 years old.