UAAM delivers week of activities

     UAAM week was a success and had great amount of support.

     Monday was the dorm walks, the purpose was to take the females trash out that they had in their dorms. Tuesday was stay strapped, UAAM were on the yard handing out condoms. In addition, facts about STDS, and ways to protect yourself.

Wednesday was the art of seduction, where they had Phi Mu Alpha and lyrical quest sing and recite poetry to the ladies and goodies for them to eat. Thursday was bodies by Lily, where they hosted aerobics with Terry Lily.

Sunday UAAM and DBW (and whoever else would like to attend) will be attending new living word for church because “UAAM feels 

A family that prays together stays together,” said Omari Young. 

UAAM felt that it was important for them to have a week dedicated to women to show as men we must respect women because they are creators of life.

 “It was really nice to see how the women reacted to the things we did for them. It shows that not to many men are being gentlemen these days and it was a good feeling to show them that it's still gentlemen out here,” said Omari Young.

     Our generation is so much more different from how it was when our parents were our age. The respect for women has changed in a major way so it was important that we dedicated a week to them to show them that we appreciate, respect, and love them,” said Omari Young.