Reshetnikova finds new home

It is never easy for a student to leave their hometown and family to attend college, but Anastaysa Reshetnikova, a 19-year-old freshman from Vitebsk, Belarus took a chance and transferred to Grambling State University this semester.  

Anastaysa Reshetnikova

Courtesy photo
Anastaysa Reshetnikova

Reshetnikova is a business major who was recruited by Coach Kenneth Myers to play tennis for GSU. She transferred from Western Michigan University after spending just one semester there.

“I decided to transfer from Michigan so I wrote a letter to Coach Myers,” said the Belarus native. “I didn't feel happy there but here everything is absolutely different.”

Reshetnikova started playing tennis when she was just four years old after being inspired by her father, who led her to realize how talented she could be.

 When she was an infant, Reshetnikova's dad would take her to the tennis court where she would watch him compete. The sport intrigued her and she took immediate interest.

Leaving home was difficult for Reshetnikova because she had to leave all of her family and friends, but she makes an effort to talk to them all on Skype everyday.

“It’s tough for international students to be faraway from home but I'm thankful for the opportunity to study and play tennis at GSU,” said Reshetnikova.

Since being at GSU, Reshetnikova believes she has improved with the help and guidance of Coach Myers. Myers' coaching style and ability to analyze the game is a huge help for Reshetnikova and she has high hopes for the up coming season.

 “Anastaysa is very consistent, tenacious and has quite the competitive spirit,” said Myers. “I expect her to come through with some big wins.” 

Although their season does not start until Spring 2016, the girls are still working hard day in and day out to improve their game and prepare for success. Reshetnikova has a great relationship with her teammates and loves how they are progressing, not just as individuals, but also as a team.

“She's awesome, very determined and I like her hunger for victory with every match,” said Tabitha Nankya; her teammate from Kampala, Uganda.

“She will be very good.” Reshetnikova is extremely fond of her team but there is one teammate who really means a lot to her. Cara Kemp, a sophomore from Culver City, California who transferred to GSU at the same time as Reshetnikova, and since then has become her best friend.

“She is a really sweet girl and I am really happy I met her. I’m not sure what I’d do without her,” said Kemp.