Omegas wrap up Women’s Appreciation Week

   Last week Grambling’s Omegas held a Women’s Appreciation week. On Monday October 5th, the          Omegas held a session in Grambling hall called R.E.S.P.E.C.T Find out what it means to you! This session was open to men and women to discuss what it means for people to respect others and to respect yourself. There were women’s highlights where an omega man would talk about big successors such as Harriet Tubman and Serena Williams. They also welcomed guest speakers.

   One of the men mentioned that if a woman walks around half naked she will not receive respect from men because she obviously shows no respect for herself, and that is just how it is. Men, a woman dressed half naked is not an okay to disrespect a woman, and just because a woman decides to wear shorts and a crop top does not mean she has no respect for herself. Charlesia Watkins, Junior and Social work major was asked her opinion about the event. “I believe that it was a very important session and it did open a few of the ladies to a different and deep view of respect.” The R.E.S.P.E.C.T event ended with prayer and Proverbs 3:15. “A woman is more precious than jewels and nothing you desire can compare with her.”

    Tuesday’s event was called Thot or Not. Thot or not was also an open discussion for both men and women. The panel for this discussion consisted of Omega men and 3 Delta women. The audience wrote down their questions anonymously and asked anything from relationship advice to what it means to be a thot. “Overall it was an okay event,” said graduating senior and criminal justice major Jakeria Dennis. “It could have been more organized and I expected to hear more from the men on the panel, but instead the audience and the women on the panel answered majority of the questions that were asked.”

   Wednesday was an event strictly for women and the event was called Cater to Women. Cater to Women was no discussion, but the Omegas were literally catering to women. The Grambling Hall auditorium was lit with candles and there was fruit with your choice of chocolate or whipped cream. The men even went as far as to offer back massages and foot rubs.

  Thursday they held a cancer walk starting at the tiger ending with a balloon release on the yard in honor of people who died battling and breast cancer and those who survived. “The Cancer walk was nice and well organized, said senior and double major in accounting and CIS, Shelby Dickerson. “I have an aunt who battled and survived breast cancer so I think it is great that Grambling students got together to give recognition to the people with cancer and those who are affected by it.”

On Friday, community service was to be announced but it was not. Saturday, they held their tailgate before the game against Alabama A&M, but their after party in the Men’s Gym was cancelled.