Omegas ‘Keep It 100’ at Women’s Retreat

“Keepin’ It 100. Thot or Not?” was hosted by the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. held in Grambling Hall. An audience of approximately 50 plus was in attendance.   

SHALONDA MEADOWS/Courtesy photo Members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc monitor “Women’s Retreat seminar.

Members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc monitor “Women’s Retreat" seminar. 

There were many questions asked as well as some eager hands who had a lot to say as the questions fell on waiting ears. Charlie Ray Jenkins Jr. of the fraternity did a good job as the presider, asking questions chosen from a bag written before the seminar began. 

“Why do men who have a girl cheat?” was one of the anonymous questions asked from the audience and as the question projected many among those on the panel had many mixed answers, but the one that stuck out to me most was the one who actually came from a male who was a member of the Graduate Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Inc. 

“Men cheat because they are insecure of themselves. They can have a woman who will give him almost everything, but that one thing she is not giving he will step out to find it in someone else which is honestly a conflict within himself.” As he finished speaking many of the females in the audience agreed with the spoken response with a healthy round of applause. 

As the evening continued some of the questions had to be screened due to provocative content. 

Another question was asked sparking an answer from a female on the panel this time and the question was “Is there a certain way that a thot dresses?” 

“Yes. Mostly the girls that are seen with the really bad cut off shorts and or see with really tight clothes are the ones who carry a title like that. Basically if you do not have respect for yourself I feel personally that you are just that,” replied a female panelist.

Most of the receiving party in the audience did not feel the same way. Some saying that freedom of dress and or a female being comfortable with her body should be able to show it off due to it’s naturalness. 

The open discussion forum became really heated towards the end when one of the final questions fell upon the lines of having open sex partners. 

“What if a girl who is comfortable with her sexuality just wants casual sex like the man does?”  

Another female from the panel spoke out and said, “If you and the males that you just so decide to have casual sex with can have a mutual understanding and respect each other, then there is nothing wrong with it.” 

Now, some may feel the total opposite, but due to it being an open discussion anyone could speak his or her mind freely.

“The form was presented to inform the campus on relationships and communication topics between the sexes,” said Axel Brison, senior business major and coordinator.

Assisting with the form was Charlie Ray Jenkins Jr. and Marcus Wright, fraternity members.

The program helps with social action which can serve for points for the chapter of the year selection as well, he said.

“Some questions could have been avoided, but others should have made men see themselves differently and to look deeper within to see what about them from a woman’s prospective could be changed.”