Laboratory school focuses on future

Grambling High School enrolls all students on a Core Four TOPS Curriculum.  

We do this because we want every student to have the opportunity to attend college at the end of their high school career.  We also want to increase the amount of scholarships available to our students, so we have developed a program called Focus on the Future.  Focus on the Future is a combined effort in which administrators, teachers, students, and parents come together to discuss the future of Grambling High School students.   Meetings were held during the week of Sept. 14-18.  The meetings lasted fifteen minutes and were scheduled during the prior week.  

Meetings began at 7:00 AM and lasted until 6:00 PM.  Grambling High School Principal, Dr. Pamela Payne, Grambling High School Counselor, Melanie Thomas, and English Department members, Melanie Colvin and Vivian Davis, met with parents and students.  Students were given an opportunity to tell parents and school staff members their future plans.  Grambling High School staff members reviewed existing student data with the parents and students.  Existing data reviewed included transcripts, reading levels, EOC test results, ACT scores, PLAN scores, EXPLORE scores, and the results of a school-wide KAPLAN Diagnostic Test.  Parents were also made aware of programs that Grambling High School has put in place to help students achieve their goals.  

Since Grambling High School is a Title I school, the Kaplan ACT Test Prep Program and the Edgenuity Online Credit Recovery and Virtual Tutoring Program has been made available for every student at our school.  In addition to their regular course work, students at Grambling High School will use Kaplan, Edgenuity, and EAGLE to ensure their academic success.  

“I love having the opportunity of sitting down with parents and discussing how we can work together to help guide our students,” said Melanie Colvin.  Dr. Pamela Payne stated:  “Focus on the Future establishes a good rapport with our parents and helps us to develop a guideline for students to follow.”