Students seek answers from SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) took the time Tuesday to listen to concerns from Grambling State University students. 

The SGA meeting was held in the Favrot Student Union lead by Jonathan Wallace, president and consisted of interesting FAQ that you may not know are Grambling SGA is addressing, administrating, and challenging students.

Wait a minute are you a senior Graduating soon? A student said in the meeting “His diploma didn’t have his degree and feels that it’s wrong that it doesn’t show a major for his Job to see” another student added that alumni don’t have their major or degree, when your job ask for this, a transcript from your school has to be provided.”

The SGA Chief of Staff said, “Graduation diplomas will be the first immediate attention given from the meeting.” 

KEION HAYES/The Gramblinite Student Government Association officials listen to concerns from GSU students.

KEION HAYES/The Gramblinite
Student Government Association officials listen to concerns from GSU students. 

The SGA also have boxes around campus and in the union to drop off any concerns, questions, and problems.

“Any trouble in class? Director of Academic Success said, “Come talk to me about classroom problems,” from not enough books to your teacher changing your books, unable to perform because you can’t understand your professor, (Asia Scott; 318-751-7040. Email 

What about our pool, will there be a future swim team? Wallace announced “Our pool beside the intramural will be torn down next month (October) and start building the new one.” 

“I am not sure yet, but the new pool could be open in the next two years,” said Chief Justice Cecil Holt.

Marquis Pointer, student (Young Democratic Society) stood with a strong view of students social and networking skills. 

“I challenge all students and SGA to interact with our international students, they are hear and they should be included in all activities.”

The GramFam project across the library and the yard is very nice and convenient for the students and faculty.

“It is to give us a accommodation to be comfortable on our campus by beautifying Grambling,” said the vice president.

Another student said that we have a big problem to make a tremendous effort with trash all over campus, gar guts, and express food, etc.  The act upon this has to start with students who care about being here. Respect GSU campus SGA Executive Assistant, Implies that “ It starts from us, you and your friends making sure if you see the littering to stop and correct it tell them don’t do that.”  

No hanging out, why is that? Concern with safety on campus? Grambling is a Historical Black university with attractions others love to visit. 

Its great the campus is open, but one should watch who hangs around their friends, dorms and valuables. 

“If you feel trouble or dangers near, “there is a pole with a button you can hit and the police should be there in seven minutes,” said Michael Meadows, chief of staff.