Clothing Connection

GramNola is T-Shirt line that was created to represent the city of New Orleans while representing Grambling State University. 

Courtesy photo Eric Johnson (left) Desmond Stegall,and Dylan Spearman stand together in different version of the shirt.

Courtesy photo
Eric Johnson (left) Desmond Stegall,and Dylan Spearman stand together in different version of the shirt. 

Created by Alex Johnson a business management major from New Orleans, the young visionary says he came up with the idea one day sitting on the yard. He recalls the day saying he and his friends were outside hanging out listening to a New Orleans artist by the name of Neno Calvin. 

“We was just chilling outside, listening to Neno Calvin and I was like ‘yeah this the ave, we gone call this gram-nola,” Johnson said thinking about the day he decided to start the time. 

This was around spring fest and Johnson said he wanted to use his idea as a way to represent his city during this event. He never expected to get as much support as he is. 

He does have plans on turning his line into a legit brand. After creating newer shirts that now include other cities such as Monroe, Jonesboro, Dallas, Houston and Atalanta; he feels it would not only be a great way to represent your school but a great way to socialize with other people.

 Johnson said he decided to make other shirts because he wanted to make it equal for everybody, He didn’t want people to feel like they just had to put on for New Orleans, but also their own. He began taking suggestions

He also would like to see his shirts in the book stores like other lines such as Tatum..

“Any event, like bayou classic or the cotton bowl you should be able to wear those shirts to not only show your school spirit but the love for your hometown,” says Johnson. “Even when they recruit they can be able to rep your city along with your school.”

He has a pretty big clientele. As we were interviewing customers were constantly texting him to see what he still had available. Johnson said he feels just the name itself is what  drew people to wanting to join the movement.

The brand is so popular around campus that you can hash tag #gramnola on any social site and see people from all different areas showing the brand love.

Johnson is currently working on a site for his customers and future customers but for now he is taking orders via Instagram (ayedats_alex) and Twitter (@_datdudeAlex).