GSU professor awarded grant for cancer research

Dr. Waneene C. Dorsey, Ernest Everett Just Endowed Professor, in the Department of Biological Sciences received a $54,000.00 Research Competitive Subprogram grant from the LA Board of Regents to fund cancer research activities at Grambling State University.  

Dr. Dorsey is globally known for cancer research where she performs most of her experiments in the Molecular Toxicology Research Laboratory in Carver Hall at GSU.  Over the years, she has trained many biology students through internships, while her research activities have provided a strong platform for toxicogenomics at GSU.

Cancer is the uncontrolled multiplication of DNA-damaged cells. Dr. Dorsey stated that she is “identifying molecules that turn on cancer gene proteins in mouse liver cells which allow the uncontrolled behavior of cells.”  

Once biomolecules have been identified, then they can be blocked by various chemicals.  These chemicals have the potential to provide a medicinal tool to help prevent the onset of cancer.     

Dr. Dorsey’s research proposal was submitted to Cancer Specialists in other states for review by the Louisiana Board of Regents.  Her proposal ranked number 18 out of 36 funded proposals.   She received high marks for institutional capabilities, commitment, and support.  

“I am very excited about the funded proposal,” Dr. Dorsey said. “I tell my students all of the time that it doesn’t matter where you come from, whatever you do, do it with excellence.”  

Dr. Dorsey has been published in international peer-review journals and has served as a Dissertation Committee member for eight doctoral candidates at Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, and one doctoral candidate at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.  

She is NTE certified for General Science and Biology in Secondary Education and has trained over 20 local K-12 teachers in the GSU-Water Quality Research Program.  

Recently, Dr. Dorsey was the team leader for the College of Education-National Science Teachers Association Report that is nationally recognized by NCATE/CAEP.