Student Perspective

To make it in today’s society it is all about two things: what you know and who                you know. 

As we all are still embarking on our college journeys, what you learn right here at Grambling can set you up for those two key elements for life moving forward.  So how do you do all that before you step into what we call the “real world”? 

You get involved! At Grambling there are numerous clubs and organizations to join, where you are learning lifetime skills while meeting people who can help your future.  

It is important to get involved in school to change yourself for the better and also be the change you want to see right here at Grambling. Extracurricular activities give way to meeting friends and always staying out of trouble. 

At Grambling we have a lot of exciting events, and it is all due to the dedicated people who put forth effort and time to make it happen. If students do not stay involved then we would not have nearly as many events — whether they’re for fun, like the midnight breakfast, or for learning how to prepare for our future, like how to build a resume.  

From the Student Government Association to The Gramblinite, you acquire skills that will set you up for a future career.  And you are working with people who are just as passionate about their future as you are.  

Getting involved helps you learn how to interact with others, and you find communication can be easy once you’re comfortable with it. Communicating within large groups also helps with social skills that you will always need in a working environment.  

But it is not all about your future; it is also about your present stay at Grambling and making it all worthwhile.  

Not only is college about the books, it is about the time outside the books, and that should be spent positively by helping our community grow.  Sitting in your dorm is not time well spent when outside of it are endless opportunities to grow and learn.  

Make your stay at Grambling worthwhile and get involved in a club, organization, or a sports team. Build skills and a nice resume while you are doing so. 

We may think we are always busy, but there is always time to be a positive impact on this campus.  

So stay involved, and help make Grambling the place you want it to be. 


Kourtney Burney


is a sophomore mass communication major from Brentwood, California.